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A Ticked Off Badger

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A Ticked Off Badger

Post by Jay Davis on Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:03 pm

*Trey Diamond ,after Intensity, is in the back thrashing up the Locker Room, Throwing Clothes and Trash and Anything else he can get his hands on. Lisa Evans goes into the Locker Room of Trey Diamond*

Lisa Evans: Mr. Diamond....I would like to get a few answers to your match tonight.

Trey Diamond
: You know something,Lisa. I SHOULD'VE HAD THAT MATCH!! BUT NO!! THAT PILE OF FILTH AND GARBAGE KEPT ON HYPING THE CROWD AND I WAS THERE, TRYING TO GET THE JOB DONE!! AND I...I swear to god, if it ain't Jake or Zodiak getting to Payne, I'm going for that PIECE OF SHIT!!

*He goes over to Lisa and grabs her hair, pulling it up more as if trying to pull it out*

Trey Diamond: I want my goddamn Re-Match. And after I win that match, I want that Big Over-Sized Narwhal known as Marko Punish!! I don't care how many bodies I put in a Casket, I'm going for Punish and there ain't a damn thing you or anyone else can say about that!!

*Trey looks at Lisa, as Jake Holmes gets to The Confrontation and gets Trey off of Lisa. Lisa then Runs off and Both Jake and Trey are at a Stand Alone*

Jake Holmes
: Dude, What The Hell!! What are you trying to do?!?!

Trey Diamond
: I'm trying to get what I want and when I want. I want Payne. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, HOLMES!?!?

Jake Holmes
: Well, Yeah. But I'm just trying to Fucking say to calm down and maybe we can get something arranged. Okay?

Trey Diamond:...Okay

Jake Holmes
: Now, Payne and Punish, you were a Tag Team back then. But then you two grew apart. NOW, It's a different ball game. You two don't have the Sense of having Brotherhood than We strays do. So...How about this. Me and Zodiak take on Marko Punish And Kevin Payne. Unless you, Marko, want my Rabid Dog here on your ass like Stink on a Skunk. But anyway, I'll let Management decide that and when the Decision is made, I'll tell Zodiak it's time. It's time for a Revolution. It's time for The Infernal Names to be written on the Walls of Intensity. And the God of Death is coming.

*The camera then fades to Black*


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