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Intensity, the home of Opportunity

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Intensity, the home of Opportunity

Post by Miztacular on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:51 pm

The new season of Intensity kicks off to the sound of the General Managers theme hitting the PA System as the crowd erupts to their feet as they await this new season to get going. Out from the back comes the General Manager of Intensity, the daughter of the man who started The Era of Opportunity, Laura Sampson, show bows for the crowd before making her way down the ramp, a microphone at the ready as she climbs the steps, pointing into the crowd to a pop before entering the ring for the first time of many in this new season of Intensity. She stands in the center of the ring with the microphone in her hand an a smile on her face as she looks into the hard camera to address the CMV Universe!

Laura Sampson:
Welcome everybody! To the first episode of what will hopefully be my first season of many as your Intensity General Manager!!!

She lowers the microphone for a brief moment as the crowd overwhelm her with chants of "Lets go Laura" and after a brief moment she presses on.

Laura Sampson:
We have a special show on for you all tonight, even including a TITLE DEFENSE! But before we get to that, lets take a look back at one of the hottest Pay Per Views of the year, what a show Contingency was, Intensity as a whole certainly had it's strong moments which is what I'd like to replicate tonight. You see we need to kick the season off strong, and although we may have came up short in the King of the Ring, with three of our guys being eliminated first round. But there was one hope, one man who overcame adversity, and that was Voice Vindy. A man who has been proving himself week in, week out, and although he may not have the kind of attitude I like to showcase, I cannot deny he has achieved great things in his short stint here as of now. So, seeing as he did not go onto win the tournament, I will not be right out giving him a shot at Starr, however, in TWO WEEKS time, he will compete in a Number One Contenders match to determine who will go on to fight Zack Starr in our first event live in Tokyo Japan! Who will his opponent be you ask? We will find out in tonights Main Event as former Television and Global Champion Aaron Waite takes on a former Two Time CMV World Champion and Television Champion... Chris Adams!!!

The crowd begins to overwhelm her again with chants of "We Want-Starr... We Want-Starr" causing the General Manager to let off a smirk as she continues on.

Laura Sampson:
Don't you worry people, how could we possibly forget about our Global Champion?! He will be on the show tonight, and he will be in the Co-Main Event where he will team with Voice Vindy to take on the new CMV Tag Team Champions, coming off of their successful Title Defense, The Gladiators! However, speaking of our Pay Per View, live in Tokyo, I would like to announce right here right now, the signing of two new Japanese wrestlers to our Vixens Division here on Intensity, a former top contender to the CMV Vixens Championship, Aura, and a hard hitting technician from straight out of Tokyo, Murasaki Ryuu. We will be hearing from Aura later tonight, while Ryuu will debut next week.

But don't think we're done right there Ladies and Gentleman! I said earlier that there is a Title on the line tonight and there most certainly will be. You see the Womens Intercontinental Championship has struggled to sit on one competitor for more than a month for a large part of it's existence, Steel managed a strong three months, and many believe that Maverick will be the one to legitimise the belt. So tonight she has the chance to prove she can be the Vixen to make that belt something to crave! I was struggling on who should be her opponent, until earlier this week on UnMatched, one Vixen took it into her own hands to call out the Womens Intercontinental Champion, and tonight. As you all recall, this is the Era of Opportunity after and so tonight she will get her wish, she will get the chance to make or break her career as Cassie Maverick will defend her belt against Ashley Kelly!

This is just a small teaser of what is planned for the evening, but there is much, much more to come, I hope you all enjoy!

Laura Sampson drops the microphone to a standing ovation from the crowd chanting "Thank you Laura" as she blows a kiss into the crowd before leaving the ring and making her way up the ramp, being sure to high five as many fans as possible on her way up while her theme plays in the PA system.

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