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Is DSD looking at retirement?

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Is DSD looking at retirement?

Post by Childish Meltzer on Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:00 pm

Everyone has a personal threshold of functioning, a line between normalcy and insanity that is seldom crossed. However, one CMV wrestler's own rapacious obsession has caught up with him, driving him over and above the point of rational thought.
When Ringo Maxx pinned D'Angelo Saint Daniels after a codebreaker from Sunshine back at Contingency last week in an Elimination-Style Fatal Four-Way for the World Heavyweight Championship with defending champion Marko Punish facing rivals Sunshine, D'Angelo Saint Daniels, and King of the Ring Winner Ringo Maxx who was added last minute, it came as quite a shock that Ringo Maxx pinned the Gate City God making him the second man out of the match.
Daniels, 29, was last seen at the airport some seven hours prior, reportedly refusing to sign autographs for several pre-teenage fans who awaited his arrival.
If his obsession over re-capturing the World Heavyweight  Championship has peaked, his countless losses in the season and failed Main Event win at Contingency may have served as the catalyst. With Sunshine  -triumphant over the former #1 Contender, Daniels' personal embarrassment has officially transformed into legitimate concern.
It seemed clear there were big plans for the Gate City God, who was coming off of a big win in a brutal Hell and a Cell match to much fanfare over the Man with a Broken Smile at last month's Quarantine where the winner would face the World Heavyweight Champion at Contingency. But immediately after the match, Unmatched General Manager Kristen Page would insert Sunshine into the match anyway despite the lost, to the disdain of Daniels.

Rumors started that he maybe ready to call it a career. Its being hinted that Daniels will be adressing the fans on what's next in his career later on this evening before the first episode of the season officially starts.

Here's the tweet made by DSD earlier today but was soon deleted:


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