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Begin as you mean to go on.

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Begin as you mean to go on.

Post by Miztacular on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:25 pm

After a long day at the gym preparing for the new season of CMV, Lexin Damjen, with her gym bag shouldered, walks to her vehicle in the dead of night. She uses her keys to open the back door of her car and throws her duffel bag onto the seat. With a certain aura in the air Damjen looks around the parking lot, curiosity in her eyes. She exhales heavily and closes the car door before turning to walk to the driver side door when standing in front of her is the Voice of No Morality, Sophia Caldwell. Damjen, caught by surprise, steps back quickly to ready herself only to find herself backing into the empowering feminine figure of Compromise who looms over Damjen blocking out out the light. Damjen turns away once again, when out from behind the car comes Jasmine Crossings, Emily and Tia Powley with her baseball bat. Damjen sees Sophia smiling and before she can defend herself Compromise slips her arm under the legs of Damjen and lifts Lexin into the inverted fireman carry position and hits the Burn Notice right down onto the gritty cement parking lot dealing out some devastating damage to the former CMV Womens Champion.

The remaining girls rush the downed body of Lexin and begin beating on her viciously as Compromise stands next to Sophia and crosses her arms in satisfaction as the duo watch the wreckage unfold. Tia tells Jasmine and Emily to part with a motion of her arm. She tightly wraps her hand around the grip of the bat and pauses, and following a brief time lapse, she then lifts the bat above her head and then delivers a devastating, skull-crushing strike to the the back of Damjen's head, she lays motionless on the gravel parking lot, blood trickling through her hair as the five of them look on. However with no time to spare, Caldwell points to Jasmine and then to Damjen and Crossings nods knowing exactly what to do. Jasmine grabs Lexin by the back of her golden hair and then with a swift and almost seamless motion, slides under Damjen and places her right leg against the throat of the Swedish wrestler and her hands on her opposite leg wrapped around the back of the Damjen's head, forcing her trachea against the shin bone of Crossings. Lexin writhes wildly attempting to take in oxygen, but quickly fades into dead weight. Jasmine takes note of this and releases the Gogoplata as Caldwell holds Damjen by the hair, shouting at the unconscious body.

Sophia Caldwell:
You think you can escape that easily?! You think because you're out of it that this is over! WE DECIDE WHEN IT IS OVER!

Caldwell smashes the face of Damjen into the gravel floor before slapping the back of Compromise and the silent enforcer nods in response. She motions for Tia and Jasmine to lift Damjen against her vehicle, her head lined up with the back seat window blood trickling down the window, dripping off of the chassis onto the floor. Compromise stands a ways back and prepares for her discuss big boot. After readying her self, she steps forward, completes a full rotation and plants the sole of her boot into the face of Lexin, pushing her head through the thick car window sending her falling face down on the parking lot ground. The women of No Morality marvel at their work for a moment but then Sophia steps forward, leaning over the body of Damjen prodding the back of her head like she's some sort of dead animal before turning towards the camera and looking directly into it with fire in her eyes.

Sophia Caldwell:
Last season was just the beginning, the beginning of our Mission, our service to this Industry, and we start as we mean to go on, so what better way than starting this new season by decimating one of the biggest threats in the Vixens Division. Lexin, Lexin, Lexin. You were under the assumption that you were on top of the world at one point, holding that meaningless Championship Belt, and look where you are now, face down on the gravel with your career in the toilet. You see Damjen, you ended a 9 month streak when you beat Dynamite, but you see, we don't just end streaks, we end careers. We do what is required to right the wrongs in this Division and we will not stop.

Dawn, you claim that we are weak because we fight as a Unit. But that is exactly it, we are unbeatable as a unit, we are one, and together we are unstoppable. So take note Dawn, Gibson, Grant, hell everybody in the divsion. You play by our rules now. Anybody who steps out of line, anybody who tries to rise up and take us on, will end up like Damjen, a spoiled mess across a gritty floor. It doesn't matter who you are, we've proven that nobody can stop us, we've Brutalized Dynamite, we've ended the careers of two decorated stars, and we WILL. NOT. STOP. It is a new day, a new era, whatever dumb slogan you wish for it to be called. But there will be No Morality, there will be No Compromise, there will be no End until our goal, our mission, our journey has been realized.

Dawn, I very much suggest you and your lackeys stay out of the way of others, you are out numbered and out matched, you started this war and you'd best not get anybody else's career involved because they too, will feel our wrath.

With that, Caldwell rises to her feet, she walks over towards the rest of No Morality, stopping as she passes Damjen, letting off a sigh and shaking her head as she mumbles.

Sophia Caldwell:
Why must all the pretty ones be so... stupid.

Caldwell continues on towards the rest of the stable where they all stand in unity letting out their fists as the join as one while the camera fades to black.

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