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Pushing the Limits

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Pushing the Limits

Post by Miztacular on Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:48 am

The show opens up to Laura Sampson standing in the center of the ring, the microphone poised to her mouth as she receives a standing ovation from the crowd who are always very welcome to the sight of the daughter of Johnny Sampson. She stands in the center of the ring for a few moments waiting for the crowd to simmer down before raising the microphone to her mouth to speak.

Laura Sampson:
Welcome ladies and gentlemen! To Intensity's final show of this season, and what a season it has been, now granted, I haven't been in control for too long, I've ran into my bumps, but we've overcame them and consistently put on a cracker of a show week in week out, and my thanks go out to each and everyone of you, and each and everyone in the back for that. Contingency is just a few short days away and what a card we have planned. Tonight, on the go home show, we round off nicely into Contingency to close the season and on to better things next season. I'm sure tonight, more than any other night, will deliver to the utmost excellence with the stacked card we hav--

Interrupting Sampson where she stands, the theme of Cody Douglas hits the PA System and with a sign, Laura Sampson turns towards the stage to see Douglas come out from the back with a microphone in his hand followed by the other two members of Syndicate, Chet Taylor and Tyler Raze. The trio make their way down the ramp and into the ring, squaring off with Laura Sampson as Cody Douglas looks down on her with a sincere look on his face.

Cody Douglas:
You think this is going to be a good card tonight do you? Huh? A good card. YOU CALL THIS A GOOD CARD? You're missing all three of us, once again... Just like last week. How do you not see what we are, we are the saviors of TRUE wrestling at it's purist form, and it's like you and everyone in the back know it, you fear it and so you try to push it away, push it out. Well no, no, no. Tonight Laura, there's going to be some changes around here.

Laura Sampson:
Hold your horses Cody, the reason you, or any of your lackeys here aren't booked tonight is because the two that I did book for last weeks house show, decided to no show, and I simply cannot risk that for the go ho---

Cody Douglas slaps the microphone out of the hand of Laura Sampson as he continues to glare into her eyes.

Cody Douglas:
They didn't show up, because a house show is not worthy of the best talent you have among your roster! We DESERVE to be on the Main Show, we DESERVE to be fighting for Championships.. Not creeping around on the house show and YOU know it! Look at this so called great Contingency card, a card in which your Television Champion isn't even defending! What about that huh, why can't we have that shot?! Oh you know what... We will have that shot, and you're going to give it to us right now...

Cody Douglas drops the microphone and leaves the ring to retrieve a steel chair from next to the announce table, he slides back into the ring with the chair and looks at Laura Sampson, backed into the corner, sitting down, absolutely petrified, Douglas smacks the chair against the floor and lets out a roar. He holds the chair high up into the air, an brings it down as Laura flinches, only to hit the top turnbuckle with it. Sampson opens her eyes to see the trio laughing, Douglas kicks the microphone over to her feet and she picks it up, shaking, looking at them as they smile back, under the belief that they've won.

Laura Sampson:
You're still not getting it....

Douglas lets out a roar of rage and raises the chair up into the air once more, however this time with full intent on smacking Sampson with it, however before he swings it down, he's interrupted by the theme of a legend.

As Eric Matthews' theme hits the PA system we hear quite possibly the BIGGEST pop in CMV history as the former two time CMV World Champion and Television Champion comes out from the back to a thunderous roar from the crowd. He has that vintage smug smile on his face as he sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring, squaring off with the three men that injured him, and following him to the ring is a swarm of security, at the sign of the security, the trio attempt to leave the ring, however Matthews grabs the chair from Douglas and smacks him in the gut with it, Tyler Raze looks to make a charge towards Matthews who ducks a big boot and turns around smacking Raze on the head with a steel chair only leaving Taylor standing, who holds his hands up in the air as the security begin to swarm the ring, despite knowing he's lost, Taylor retains his cocky smile, knowing full well that this, this isn't over. Matthews walks over to the General Manager Laura Sampson and pulls her to her feet and passes her the microphone she dropped earlier.

Laura Sampson:
Thank you Eric, it's a shame these fools don't share your mentality. I want each and everyone of you Syndicate members to look at me right now. You see I warned you when you attacked Waite several weeks ago, I warned you that I would not play these games, and tonight, you tried to pull your tricks again. not only did you no show two matches last week, but tonight you tried to attack me, you tried to force me into giving you a title shot... Well somebody will get a title shot from this, and it's this man right here who just saved my life.. But you know what you three are going to get, suspensions, it won't be 15 days, it won't be 30 days... IT WILL BE 60 DAYS WITHOUT PAY. Now... For the last time. GET THESE THUGS OUT OF MY RING!

With that, the CMV security cuff each member of Syndicate, dragging them to their feet towards the back but before the exit through the curtain to the back, Douglas screams out.

Cody Douglas:

The camera pans back to the ring to see Eric Matthews and Laura Sampson shaking hands as the camera fades to black.

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