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Dirty Heel Tactics

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Dirty Heel Tactics

Post by Topher Mod on Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:27 pm

After Sophia Caldwell’s win, Dawn Bryan’s theme plays unexpectedly, with a mic in her hand she stands at the top of the ramp.
Dawn : Congratulations, cheating to win, how cheap,  how fitting...... So you want to send me a message, you think by brutally assaulting Ashley Carter putting her on the injured list is going to scare me away, you think I’m going to be afraid of you and your thugs because it took 5 of you to make a statement…. I admit it got in my head and it cost me a few matches lately, but I see the only way to shut you up once and for all is to cut the head of the top snake that being you Sophia, with you gone, the rest of No Morality will fade into obscurity and be easy pickings for the rest of the Vixens.
Contingency is vastly approaching and it’s time for No Morality to pay the consequences, so at Contingency I say you and me renew our rivalry inside that squared circle one more time.  But I have a message just for you, but unlike you, I don’t need a gang of thugs, nah I’ll step in that ring and personally make it my mission to put you on the injured reserve list. You want to make things personal, you want to injure people and put the blame on me. Well at Contingency you can blame me for when I kick your ass from pillar to post, you can blame me for making you so weak that you will be unable to move and  you can blame me for retiring your worthless ass because after our match, the beating you’ll get, you’ll never step foot inside this ring again.

So what do you say Sophia?  How about you get a backbone and face me or are you too chicken? You want to send me a message, do it to my face. 

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Re: Dirty Heel Tactics

Post by Miztacular on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:21 am

Sophia Caldwell rises to her feet before pushing Rachel Grant under the bottom rope and down to the outside.. Caldwell exhaling heavily looks up at the ramp towards Dawn, her challenge rings around in her head for a moment before she lets off a smirk and gestures for Jasmine to retrieve a microphone from the timekeepers area and as she does Caldwell leans over the top ropes looking directly at Dawn with a smile on her face as sweat trickles down her cheek. Jasmine comes from the side of the ring, handing Caldwell the microphone before standing at the bottom of the ramp, blocking Dawn in case she tries to make her way down to the ring. Caldwell, now with a microphone in her hand laughs a little to herself before looking up at Dawn Bryan and raising the microphone to her mouth to speak.

Sophia Caldwell:
Ha, a win is a win right? At least I can say I've won a match in the last fortnight. Not as if you can say the same right Dawn? I bet that stings doesn't it, knowing that you were once a Champion, not a great one mind you but a Champion, and now you're losing to the runt of the pack week in week out. But don't worry Dawn, don't you worry your pretty little head. Because I will change that for you, I'll help you see a little clearer, I'll help you understand my vision, because at Contingency Dawn... At Contingency you will get the battle you yearn for, you will get the battle you desire. Because at Contingency you will fight me Dawn and you WILL lose. So I can prove to you once again that I am the better Vixen and you'll add an extra digit into the loss column when you are put down for the three count. Dawn, you may question my methods, but you simply cannot question my results, and that's what is important around here Dawn... RESULTS... So, I'll see you this Sunday, best come prepared Dawn, because you'll be in for a FIGHT.

Caldwell drops the microphone and stares straight into the eyes of Dawn Bryan who gazes intently back and as the duo engage in this intense staredown, the camera begins to fade to black as No Morality's theme hits the PA system.

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