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One by one...

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One by one...

Post by iTrouble on Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:49 am

The scene opens up with Lisa Evans standing backstage with Solomon Glock. Lisa Evans looks to be quite intimidated standing next to the mammoth of a man but stays professional and begins the interview

LIsa Evans:
Ladies and Gentleman I am standing here with one of CMV's newest signings Solomon Glock. Solomon...er....Mr Glock...can you give us an qui-

Gimme da mic.

A startled Lisa Evans cautiously hand Solo the mic and slowly backs off not to provoke the superstar. Glock grimaces as she leaves down the hallway then finally turns to the camera

Now I know a lot of you all don't know who I am. Don't care who I am. But I just want all of y'all to remember dat. Remember this time when nobody know who the fuck is Solomon Glock. Cuz one day...you gone look back and realize that at this very moment; nobody knew that I was gonna be a problem for Unmatched.  Nobody knew that I was gonna the biggest shark in CMV. So in other words. I got plans. Oh I got big plans. Its drama time. I know it's levels to this shit. But just witness whats 'bout to happen. One by one I'm giving out free concussions.

Yamashia....that was my first victim. Squashed like a bug. And tonight...they got me up against some clown named August Happytown.... Probably a happy go lucky guy. Dancin' around in the ring like some fuckboi. So it is my duty to take him out of his Happytown and welcome him to world pain. He about to catch these hands and when he does I'ma put him in his place. Don't believe me? Just watch!

So to all you fuckboi's take notes. And if you smart; you'll keep and eye on me. And if you smarter...you'll move the fuck out my way.

Glock spits at the ground then jumps at the cameraman making him drop the mic ending the scene


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