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When Water is the Ice Breaker

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When Water is the Ice Breaker

Post by Tim on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:20 pm

After Emily and Compromise's grueling match against the Kelly Twins, the two No Morality stablemates and their leader, Sophia Caldwell sit backstage. Caldwell pats both of her soldier's on the back and walks off to retrieve something. Compromise leans against the wall with a bottle of water in her right hand. Emily sits on a bench with her hands on her knees, breathing hard. Compromise sees this in her peripheral but says nothing. When Caldwell returns she hands Emily a bottle of water as well. Emily shakily attempts to open the water. Compromise again takes note of this and this time; acts. She snatches the bottle from Emily's hand. Emily looks up at her, worried. She looks to Sophia for help but Caldwell remains motionless.

Compromise stares daggers into the eyes of Emily. This stare seems like it would go on for an eternity and with a sudden and abrupt motion from the titan of No Morality, Emily immediately puts her arms over her face and winces, attempting to protect her self the best she can. But then... Realizes, slowly, that no harm has come to her. She lowers her arms hesitantly and look back to Compromise. The hands of the enforcer are extended towards Emily. In one hand is the cap to her water bottle; in the other, the opened water bottle itself. Emily, lost, doesn't know what to do. Compromise nudges both items closer to Emily.

The greenest member of No Morality worriedly outstretches her hands and with no trouble or negative repercussions, removes both items from the hands of Compromise. The silent vixen lowers both hands and nods, grabbing her own water bottle and begins down the hall. Emily stares at Compromise as she trudges down the hall, she looks back to the open bottle and sniffs the water as the the scene closes.
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