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Brett Angel leaves

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Brett Angel leaves

Post by Red Chocolate on Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:31 pm

The crowd roars as Angel’s theme blasts through the speakers after a victory against the man that beat him for that very title that will be on the line in what is sure to be an epic triple threat match at Contingency. Angel rises to his knees, chest rising and falling with every deep breath he takes in and lets out. He allows the ref to raise his arm in the air, the punctuation mark to solidify the fact that he has indeed defeated all three men that will be competing the title he lost before he could truly enjoy having it.

Angel is bent over now, hands pressed against his thighs to keep him from falling over. He calls the ref over so that he can whisper something in his ear. The ref nods, walks over to the ropes and calls out to the timekeeper to give him a microphone. The ref hands it over to Angel who soaks in this moment as the crowd slowly dies down with their loud chanting of his name.

ANGEL: When I lost the World Title at Contingency, it felt like deja vu. I couldn’t believe that after everything I’ve done, I failed to hold onto the championship for as long as I would have liked. Again. Again, I let it slip through my fingertips. I was at the top of the food chain, the man to beat, I was Brett Angel, who was going to be one of the most dominating champions this roster has ever seen. I saw what Justin Sane was doing, and wanted to match that. When all was said and done I hoped that my name would go down as one of the greats.

The crowd, sensing something between the lines, rises to their feet and breaks out with a pleading “Please Don’t Go!” chant. In response, Angel shakes his head.

ANGEL: The only place I’m going is back to the bottom. I need to find that fire, that spark that I once had when I first gave up boxing and gave this wrestling this a chance. But before I went there I just needed one more run against this company’s best. DSD, Sunshine and the World Champ, I didn’t want anyone to to think that my decision was because I couldn’t hang. I can. No matter who wins that triple threat, the champion will have that thought in the back of his head that he couldn’t beat me. Everyday of his reign he’ll be looking over his shoulder waiting for me to do it again.

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