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He's going away

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He's going away

Post by Decided Villain on Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:08 am

Half way through the show Kristen Page appears on the titantron. She's in a dark room only lit with a few candles, she looks down with a worried look on her face as if she is lost.

Kristen Page : Since I first met him we haven't been separated... haha... When I met him, I was so alone, I was lost... scared. I was in a I didn't want to be in but was forced to go because yoouuuu people thought it was best for me... Bessstt for usss haha. I didn't want to send him away, but I had tooo... I had too in order to insure he gets what is rightfully his at Contingency.

Kristen looks directly into the camera, as she continues to speak a tear falls down her cheek.

Kristen Page : Sunshine is back home, a place with no distraction, a place we went through hell together in, a place where he... can be reborn... Haahaha... Hahahahaha....Hahahahahahaha


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