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Sending a Message

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Sending a Message

Post by Miztacular on Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:57 pm

Following her win over Ashley Carter in singles action Jasmine Crossings and Sophia Caldwell stand tall in the ring as Ashley Carter rolls out to the outside. The crowd unload on the duo with a plethora of boo's as Sophia Caldwell with the microphone raises it to her mouth to talk.

Sophia Caldwell:
It's like you all think booing actually does anything, everything you do, be it cheering, be it booing, it all does nothing, every single one of you in the arena here tonight is irrelevant and replaceable. I hope you all realize that you all mean NOTHING. But you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to play along, I'm going to GIVE you something to boo about. I'm going to give you what you want and you'll all learn to regret what booing gets you..

Sophia Caldwell looks over to the stage as the other three members of No Morality come out from the back, Compromise leading the charge with Emily and Tia Powley following up the in the flank, as the trio reach the bottom of the ramp, Compromise goes around the side of the ring to retrieve the body of Ashley Carter while Tia and Emily make their way into the ring. As Compromise walks around the side of the ring Carter struggles up to her feet only to be immediately thrown into the barricade by Compromise, and before she can recover she's picked up by the hair and thrown into the steel steps and as Compromise towers over Carter, she tries to get back to her feet but is closed down immediately after Compromise grabs her by the hair and smashes her face against the steel steps several times in succession busting her open, knocking her near enough unconscious allowing Compromise to pickup the dead weight of Ashley Carter and roll her under the bottom rope into the ring where a smiling Caldwell awaits.

Sophia Caldwell:
I think you know exactly what this is. I think you all know exactly what this is. Ashley.. I must make this clear, if you can even hear me right now, that this is purely nothing personal, strictly business. It was you that was placed into a match with one of us, and so it is you in whom we must make an example of, I'm sure you'll understand Carter. Now, I hope you are ready people, in the crowd, in the back, everywhere. Because what you are about to see, is a message, a message to everyone in the back. Rachel Grant, Sophia Gibson, Lexin Damjen and especially Dawn Bryan, and Jade, I know you're watching too, you know exactly what it's like to be beaten down by us, and if you and your stubborn ways stand in our way again... This will happen to you again.

Caldwell turns to the four members of No Morality and nods, and immediately, they know what to do, like it has been planned out beforehand, Jasmine drags Ashley Carter to her feet and forces her into the corner, wrapping her arms over the top ropes in order for her to stand up straight while Compromise, Emily and Tia Powley leave the ring to the outside, Compromise hoisting the steel steps up into the air and sliding them into the ring following through and re-entering the ring while Emily retrieves a chair from the outside while Tia Powley retrieves a baseball bat and with all five Vixens in the ring once more Caldwell speaks into the microphone again.

Sophia Caldwell:
This is a team effort an organized plan of action, because we are not five individuals, we are one which is exactly why we are unstoppable, it is exactly why we are in control of this division, remember that Jade. Remember that Dawn. Remember that EVERYBODY. Now, lets get started.. Tia.

Tia hands over the Baseball Bat to Caldwell who sizes it up looking towards Ashley Carter who is still dazed and confused following those blows to the head by Compromise. After sizing up Ashley Carter with the Bat, she turns around to Emily and hands her the bat.

Sophia Caldwell:
You will inflict the first blow Emily, you need this more than anybody, we need you to let out your inner rage, and now is the time for you to prove yourself Emily, so, you may cut the cake and start this off for us.

Emily, though somewhat hesitant, still adjusting to life in No Morality takes the Baseball Bat, lining up her shot with the head of Emily, taking a moment, but in that moment, an unsatisfied Compromise takes the Bat out of her hand and without hesitation, smacks Ashley Carter across the open wound on her forehead with the Bat, causing her body to crumble, still held up by the ropes as it becomes limp. As Compromise, Jasmine and Tia drag Carter into the middle of the ring, Caldwell wraps her arm around Emily's shoulder, perhaps offering some words of wisdom, words of encouragement to her No Morality sister before they turn around to see Tia Powley open the steel chair up and wrap it around her legs.

Sophia Caldwell:
It's nice, hearing none of you in the crowd utter a word, stunned, with your eyes fixated on what we are doing, that's how you should be, watch on as we unleash our power as a group right here in the middle of this ring, and I hope everyone in the back has their eyes glued to the screen, because this is something you don't want to miss. Emily, you're up first, and this time, please do not let me down.

Emily breathes in and out, calming herself down, knocking away the nerves as she stomps on the chair, shutting it down on the ankle of Ashley Carter as she lets out a scream of pain, Emily looks towards Caldwell for her approval and Caldwell responds with a nod before continuing on as Tia Powley sets the chair up on the other ankle of Ashley Carter who tries to nurse her knee, but is stomped on by Compromise immediately shutting her down.

Sophia Caldwell:
That... Was for you Rachel Grant, and now up next, Tia Powley, make your mark..

With an evil smirk spread across her face, Tia stomps down onto the other ankle of Ashley Carter who once more lets out a screech of pain that echo's throughout the arena as Tia looks over her handiwork with a smile.

Sophia Caldwell:
Gibson, that one was for you, but of course, we are still not finished, Jasmine, you know exactly what to do.

Jasmine opens the chair up over the right arm of Carter who tries to struggle out, but simply cannot, her energy sapped away through the pain, unbearable as Jasmine backs up, leaping into the air stomping down on the chair which closes it down over the arm of Carter who jerks in pain desperately trying to nurse her wounds.

Sophia Caldwell:
Damjen, I hope you can feel that in the back, because that one was for you, Dawn, I hope you're watching, because yours is next.

Without even having to mention Compromise's name, she sets the chair up over the other arm of Carter and stomps on it without hesitation, without emotion to the sound of a crunch, bending Carters arm in a way it simply shouldn't bend and again, without even being asked, Compromise sets the chair up over the neck of Carter and rolls her onto her stomach, pulling her up onto her hands and knees.

Sophia Caldwell:
I hope that feels good Bryan, knowing that you caused this, there will be no uprising against us, against our vision, but I am not done yet. Jade... I hope you are watching real close, because this one is for you.

Sophia Caldwell hands the microphone over to Emily and runs towards Ashley Carter, with the chair opened over neck, Caldwell leaps into the air and hits a CURB STOMP, straight onto the chair around Carters neck, and as Compromise lets go of the limp body of Ashley Carter, she simply collapses, motionless in the center of the ring.

Sophia Caldwell:
And if you think we're finished, you are mistaken.. I understand that one wouldn't out you down Dynamite, I know you will all keep trying to make a difference against us, but it will not work, and so I'll show you all exactly what happens if you try to bounce back after you've been issued a lesson.

Compromise sets up Carters head on top of the steel steps and Caldwell climps up to the top rope, leaping off into the air, hitting a curb stomp from the top rope down onto the head of Carter against the steel steps. Once more her body just slumps to the mat, and as the medical crew make their way down the ramp, Compromise rolls Carters motionless body out of the ring sending it crashing to the floor as Caldwell presses on just one more time.

Sophia Caldwell:
Maybe now, now you've all seen what happens, maybe, just maybe you'll learn from this and keep to yourselves. Because Dawn, especially Dawn, you triggered this, Ashley Carters career may have just been stomped into oblivion under my boot, and it's all your fault because you tried to come out her and make a change, and try to change the inevitable. But this is what happens when you mess with the inevitable, life throws you a curve ball, because what comes around goes around. You try to make an example of us. You effectively end the career of someone else by doing so. For one last time. I will remind you all. Do NOT cross us, we will show you No Morality, No Compromise, look at what Dawn Bryan caused, could any of you live with yourselves knowing that if you try to cross us, someone else's career will be put to an end. I hope you feel good Dawn, it's not like I enjoy doing this, but you forced my hand. Maybe next time, you'll stay out of our way..

Sophia Caldwell drops the microphone as all five members of No Morality stand in formation and raise their fists into the air as the segment fades to commercial.

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