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Post by iTrouble on Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:09 am

The scene opens up with Solomon Glock making his way down the hallway. The camera in front of him watching his every step until he stop and view the Unmatched Card markered in on the wall. Solo with a confused look on his face....

Glock: Yo, what the fuck is this shit?

Just then Mac Thompson walks up behind Solomon Glock mic in hand. He cautiously taps the new superstar on his shoulder to get his attention.

Mac: I'm sorry....Mr Glock...Can I get a your thoughts on your very first match here in CMV? It appears that you have a tag team match. You've been paired with Howard Phillips taking on Breakthrough and Theodore Jones.

Solo doesn't look the least bit amused. Already knowing his opponent and now having Mac Thompson rub his "underwhelming" debut in his face

Glock: You wanna know my thoughts? I THOUGHT I was gonna be fightin some lame ass dude one on one. Only to find out I'm in the ring with three lame a chumps at once. A tag team match? Somebody better let'em know I only ride wit my crew. Not no lame ass Howard Phillips. So you tell ya boy Howard he need to stay in his lane bro.... cuz I ain't here to make friends. Matter fact. Tell the whole tag team division to be on lookout when my boys get put on. Cuz we takin' over..a.fuckin' tag team match. Gone disrespect me like that!? Ima make this short an sweet...Whoever get in my face tonight; Ima put them on they ass real talk. Cuz I'm that DUDE. If you got a problem wit it...GET AT ME.

Solomon Glock spits at the floor still displaying his disgust with the card. He looks Mac Thompson up and down and then scoffs before walking off. The camera backs pans out revealing Mac actually soiled himself  during the interview


The scene abruptly shuts off going to commercial


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