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Washing away my sins.

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Washing away my sins.

Post by PREDICTION KING on Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:38 pm

Just like last week, moments before Intensity comes on air, a video pops up onto the app.

We see a hushed, hunched Bryan Sanders with a silver bucket full of water in his hands. As he takes a look around the corner he spots DOC eating some chili. Before continuing with this unknown plan of his, he whispers to a random backstage worker who seems to be helping him.

Bryan Sanders
So last week....DOC decided to ruin my brothers wedding and my nice outfit, so i'm gonna make him wet.

While he's whispering to the man, DOC drops the chili, looking bummed as Bryan finds that as the right opportunity to strike. He begins running after DOC as DOC casually walks to the wall to grab a mop. Before Bryan can reach him, he slips on the chili, falling backwards, the water splashing all over him. The bucket bounces off the concrete floor making a loud thud noise, getting DOC's attention who looks on in awe.

Oh my gosh....Bryan are you alright?

Bryan, obviously fueled with rage hisses at DOC before getting up and storming off.

Did he....did he just hiss? Huh.

DOC shrugs and begins mopping up the mess as the video fades out.


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