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Stylistic Changes / Diamond Response

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Stylistic Changes / Diamond Response

Post by Tim on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:42 pm

Breakthrough is shown backstage; looking very distraught. Lisa Evans cautiously approaches the high-flying superstar.

Lisa Evans

Breakthrough turns to face Lisa. But no longer is he distraught. With a wide smile he responds.

Yes, Lisa?

Lisa Evans
Oh. Well, some would say that Howard Phillips won because of his sequence of low blows. What's your response?

While it was distasteful. It's his move and I lost to it. What I can say is that despite that, my choice of attack has been lackluster since I came to UnMatched. It's time for a change.

Lisa Evans
What do you mean?

In my next match, you'll see. Thank you, Miss Evans for your time.

Lisa Evans
Oh... uh... No problem.

Breakthrough rushes down the hall.
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