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Marko's Celebration Speech

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Marko's Celebration Speech

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:57 am

Ring Announcer : Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome your new two time World Champion, Markooooo Punish!

*The crowd boo's loudly as Marko's music blasts throughout the arena and the new champ steps out onto the stage holding the title high above his head. Marko stops mid ramp and lays down the title as he does his entrance taunt and fireworks go off as balloons and confetti begin to fall from the ceiling. Marko picks up his title and marches down to the ring. We may not be able to see his face but his swagger says it all, and the expensive suit he's wearing only extends how happy and smug he is being. As Marko steps into the ring he marches towards the bottom right corner, climbs the turnbuckle and raises the title once again as more fireworks go off and balloons & confetti continue to fall from the ceiling. As he steps down he is handed a microphone from ringside and Marko walks to the center of the ring and drapes the championship over his shoulder as his music fades out and he his met with waves of boo's. Marko stands there for a minute taking it all in before he begins to speak.*

Marko: Contadini silenzio, contadini silenzio. Tonight is a celebration! A time to be happy!

*the crowd boo's even louder as Marko looses his temper*

Marko: I Said Silenzio You Scum!

*Marko continues to talk loudly over the crowd*

Marko: For weeks now you've all boo'd me and all I've heard is why, Marko, why? Why did you turn your back on us? Wah, Wah, Wah. Cazzate! It is all of you who have turned your backs on me! And on top of it all of your bitching I've had to deal with the piagnistei fastidioso of Brett Angel! Well last night I went out and did exactly what I said I was going to do and now Brett Angel can take his fluke ass to the end of the line and the splendidamente dominante reign of Marko Punish can continue, uninterrupted, for all time! Cause theirs not a single man in that damn locker room who is ever going to take this title away from me again, si ha che!? This is my show! This is my ring! And this is MY championship! I don't care if it's Daniels or Sunshine I have to break but I will be walking out of Contingency and closing out this season as THEE World Champion, and there's not a damn thing any one can do to stop me!

*Marko throws down the microphone and stomps towards the corner again climbing it and raising his title as his music plays and we fade to comercial.*

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