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Graveur versus Graveur

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Graveur versus Graveur

Post by Tim on Sat 17 Sep 2016 - 14:21

During the pre-show of CMV Quarantine. Aerora is in the locker room putting on her gear, just as she pulls her goalkeeper glove over her left hand she notices Carter across the room. Aerora quickly puts on her right glove and approaches Carter.

'Ello, mon ami.

Carter peaks over her shoulder and notices Aerora.

Ashley Carter
Hello, Aerora.

Are you excited for our match tonight?

Ashley Carter
Always, I think this will be a real learning experience for the both of us.

Oui! graveur versus graveur

Ashley raises an eye brow.

Ashley Carter

Oh! pardon, "Cutter against Cutter". With the momentum we gained from the Kelly Twins, I feel that it's going to be wonderful bout. A ballad of magnificent wrestling technicality. Êtes-vous d'accord?

Ashley Carter
I don't know about a ballad. But it'll be fun, sweetie.

And with that Ashley extends an open hand to Aerora. Aerora looks at the hand and then back to Ashley. Carter nods toward the hand. Aerora gives her warm smile and with a quick motion, embraces Carter tightly. Carter, let's out an amused huff and pats Aerora on the back. After a moment Aerora releases the hug and bounds back across the room with bubbly joy as Carter shakes her head with loving smile on her face returning to gearing up.
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