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It's all on you....

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It's all on you....

Post by Topher Mod on Tue Sep 13, 2016 12:56 pm

Later in the show Top’s has witnessed what Tia has done by joining No Morality, The countdown voice begins counting down from 10…all the way down to 1 and The Puppet Master theme hits, he walks slowly to the ring looking subdued, he carries his usual hefty looking bag over his shoulder and makes his way down to ringside, he places the bag in the corner on the apron and slides into the ring where he sits in the corner for a few seconds, he pulls himself up using the ropes and he feels his face from where Tia had slapped him and somewhat smiles. We hear some PUPPET MASTER chants, but this does not phase Top’s Newsome…He signals for a mic and stands in the middle of the ring and begins to talk…
Tops : Family….Where would we be without family. What I’ve witnessed tonight, well it looks like you have a new family. But you got it all wrong it was never just about me, I was here way before you debuted. I was the one who brought you here, I was the one who trained you and I was the one that kept you safe. You think by joining this new group, No Morality will be good for you. You’ve always wanted to be popular but once again you are being used and you just don’t see it. Who was there for you when you had nightmares, who was there when you was crying and who was there when you had no one else to turn to. Well your actions speak volumes and you could say check-mate as I didn’t see this coming.
Tops lowers his mic and looks down for a few seconds, he glances towards the bag, then looks back up.
Tops : I AM THE PUPPET MASTER…. You want to play games, Well you should know by now that  I always win in the end. I would never hit you Tia, I would never hurt you…. But what you did….. Well you’ve given me no choice…… I HAVE  NO CHOICE… The Puppets have spoken, I may be the Puppet Master, but what I’m about to do, I don’t know if even I can control what’s about to happen to you .... and every other vixen on the roster will face the most extreme pain and suffering and it’s all on you. Tia you’ve left me with no choice, The Puppet of Mass Destruction has been chosen. Now everyone will have nightmares and no one will be there to make it better. some will never sleep again because the nightmares are real. 
Top’s walks over to the corner and picks up his bag and takes it to the middle of the ring, he unfastens it and pulls out an old dirty looking box and places it in the middle of the ring and slowly steps back…. The lights go out and a bright light shines on the box…. The box starts shaking and breaks….

Everyone looking on is confused as to what they just witnessed.

Topher Mod
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