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Who Is "Aerora"?

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Who Is "Aerora"?

Post by Tim on Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:57 am

In a CMV.com exclusive interview, Aerora was being questioned by Lisa Evans.

Lisa Evans
Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Aerora.

Merci, merci.

Lisa Evans
So, tell us Aerora; you've won 2 out of your 3 matches, one against a former Women's Champion, how do you feel about where your career's going?

Oui, I'm feeling very good. I feel as though, I'm making great strides at the biggest wrestling promotion in the United States. And that feels good. I hope as I push forward, I can maintain this momentum.

Lisa Evans
Aerora, would mind sharing a little about yourself?

Non, bien sûr que non, I was born in Lyon, France and very shortly after my birth, my family relocated to America. From there I played Football for my schools. Then I saw how powerful women like Lita and Trish Stratus could be on TV and I wanted to be a part of that world. I started training in Atlanta and moved up the east coast in smaller promotions before scouts picked me up in Connecticut and offered me a developmental contract for CMV.

Lisa Evans
How interesting. So share with us a little about your Aero Cutter, what an innovative move, when and how did you come up with that move.

Oh oui, Le Cutter Aero That was a move...

Just as Aerora begins to trail into the design of her finisher. She stops speaking and the camera focuses in on Aerora's face as it's clearly staring at someone behind Lisa but off screen. The camera pans far left to reveal...

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Re: Who Is "Aerora"?

Post by Miztacular on Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:58 am

None other than another former indy star turned CMV Vixen, Ashley Carter who lets off a smile as she walks into the frame, a small pop from the crowd watching this in the arena is heard as Ashley Carter walks up to Aerora..

Lisa Evans:
Oh.. Hello Ashley, are you looking for someone?

Ashley Carter:
Indeed I was, but not to worry Lisa, I've found who I was looking for.. Aerora.

Aerora turns to look at Carter with an expression of confusion on her face as if to say "What? Why me?" and Carter looks back with an extended arm for a handshake with a gentle smile across her face, Aerora, still confused, cautiously extends her hand and shakes Carters letting off her usual bubbly smile as Carter turns to the camera.

Ashley Carter:
You're probably wondering why I wanted to see you Aerora, well that was why. I wanted to shake your hand, you see, we're very alike, we both come from other backgrounds, we both lit up the independent scene with one goal, and that is to end up RIGHT HERE in CMV. We're both good people right? We OBVIOUSLY both love the color blue. We've both had a fantastic start here in CMV, you've beaten a former Womens Champion and I picked up a nice winning streak, and there's one more thing, possibly the most important thing that we have in common Aerora, do you know what this is?

Aerora shakes her head as Carter continues on.

Ashley Carter:
We both hit a pretty damn good Cutter right?

The echo of the crowd letting off another little pop can be heard as Aerora and Carter let off a little laugh before Carter once again continues on.

Ashley Carter:
Just about the only difference that I can think of Aerora, is HOW we do the cutter, you have your phemonal looking handspring, while I hit it from a standing position, and that's always had me wondering, from way back on the indy's how well would that go hand in hand...

You see Aerora, your handspring cutter is what inspired me to do a cutter, and I've always wanted to step in the ring with you, and now that we're finally in the same promotion, I want to have a match, but not against you Aerora, no, no, no. I want to team WITH you! So whaddya say?!

Aerora stands back, feeling humbled at this entire segment, this speech from Carter, she lets off a slight nod, still in the back of her mind thinking this is all a ruse, but just going along with it being the bubbly face that she is. The duo, evidently excited about this new partnership, begin walking down the hallway exchanging stories from their time on the indy scene as the camera pans back to Lisa Evans who's still standing there with a deflated look on her face as the duo continue to walk away, so caught up in their stories that they've forgotten an interview was even taking place. Lisa Evens lets off sigh of frustration before ending the segment.

Lisa Evans:
Well.. There you have it folks...

Lisa Evans drops her microphone and walks off camera just shaking her head in disdain as the segment fades to black.

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