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The Only Way UP is to BREAKTHROUGH

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The Only Way UP is to BREAKTHROUGH

Post by Tim on Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:49 pm

Before the co-main event, the crowd at their peak excitement. When the mood changes when the lights dim and the titan tron changes...

A young man walks out from the gorilla, his arms out. On his back, a message clearly reads; "The only way UP is to BREAKTHROUGH." The crowd cheers for the new face. As he runs down the ramp and slides under the ring with blinding speed he stands on the middle rope in the corner and throws up his arms. He claps his hands together, signaling the ring crew to throw him a microphone and he does. The young man jumps from the corner and stands in the center of the ramp for all to see.

Hey everybody!

The crowd cheers at respectable level for the new superstar.

You might be wondering who I am, you might not. Whether it's the former or the latter; I intend to tell you regardless if that's okay.

The crowd doesn't hate the idea.

My name is Breakthrough, weird name, I know. But it means something. I intend to move up in the world professional wrestling. And whether I do it fast or slow, I'll get there. But the way to move up is break through the things that block your path. Whether that be dominate enigmas...

Break through lifts his hand to the titantron.

Whether it be faceless behemoths...

Breakthrough again nods to the titantron.

Or the God of a Gated City...

The titantron changes to another picture.

I'll face them all one day.

Breakthrough kneels and places his open palm on the canvas of the ring.

I'll start here. At the bottom.

He rubs the mat.

And then.

In an abrupt motion; Breakthrough stands up and extended his free hand to the sky, finger pointed up.

I'll Breakthrough!

The crowd lets out a series modest supportive cheer as Breakthroughs song plays again.[/center]
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