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"You guys look like idiots"

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"You guys look like idiots"

Post by RiftedEnergy on Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:04 pm

Anonymous are standing in the dark room, ready to cut their cheeky promo when suddenly the door gets kicked the fuck in.

Phantom Anon is unfazed while the other two get into battle stances. The light filtered through the room and their whole gimmick.

And guess who steps through the doorframe?

Go ahead, guess.

Nope. Wrong again.

A jean leg steps into frame followed by another, a black cowboy hat is hiding the face of the stranger.

"You guys look like idiots..." He speaks and lifts his head to reveal... KEVIN LEE FROM CMV's GENESIS!

What a shocker! We haven't seen him since Ascendance. His tweet from the Genesis show this past week implied he was in the desert somewhere, medatating for months. The jeans and cowboy hat definitely reinforce this.

"The last time I was here, Tim and I had a class on How To: Tag Team. I thought you three really took that to heart. I didn't know that this is what you would turn into... I feel a little responsible for all this ridiculousness y'all have been doing lately so I'm here to shut it down."

He looks to Alpha Anon "You? Former 2x European Champion? You want to throw away your legacy to just hide behind some stupid mask? How has that gone for you? How well is that working?"

Alpha anon reaches up to touch his mask.

"I know Quantum very well. He believed in you enough to give you the Character of his Origin and you go shit on it. You threw it away to try to make yourself someone, by making yourself no one... And you should be ashamed of yourself."

Onto Anon One, " you... Mr. Fuckin Wentworth???" Anon One shakes his head slightly as if to remember, "The man given the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the ring with us. The man who had a terminal illness and was granted a wish. You made that wish a reality. You win, buddy, you win often. Then you went a had some Deadpool type surgery to extend your life? But that did that leave you with? Horrible disfigured, and a new name Turbo? So you sold your soul... Only to turn around again and give it all away to become this. I can't understand that. Tighten up, Bruh, I had high hopes for you when I designed your trunks and gave you that belt. But again, you threw it away for nothingness."

Wentworth hangs his head.

Finally onto The Phantom,The Goliath, "You? The guy who was asking for change until Mr Wentworth brought you in as his chaperone? He saved you from the streets, and you were making good money. You had that dank Sport Coat and got that beard trimmed. And how did you repay him? Over and over with chokeslams and dragging him off into your rape dungeon. You, I don't know if there's any hope for you buddy...."

Blizzard and Mr Wentworth seem to see the error of their ways. The phantom is unfazed.

"And what did it all get you? Not a win against The Clowns... No... You lost. All this... The only one who's got a win is You, Mr. Wentworth... And you just got a chokeslam from this guy because of it.

So, in your effort to be No One, you have achieved exactly that. You are No One, and you will continue to be no one as long as you sit around here trying to be Anonymous.

Anonymous is Dead, do you hear me? There will be no match to shut you down, there will be no epic storyline to create. It's over. I feel responsible for creating this and I'm telling you all right now, it's over.

Kevin Lee, the Kung Fu Cowboy, is not playing any games. He turns around and walks out.

Blizzard and Wentworth remove their masks and hold them in their hands for a second. They drop them slowly as they stand to walk out, they turn around to get thoughts from Goliath...

Who grabs both of them by the throat, one in each hand... And DOUBLE CHOKESLAMS THEM ON THE CONCRETE!!!!

He stomps both of their masks into pieces, and walks out the room alone.


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