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Northern Lights Shine on Aerora

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Northern Lights Shine on Aerora

Post by Tim on Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:09 am

After Aerora's match with Lexin Damjen, Aerora rolls out of the ring and asks for microphone with a slight bow. Simon Channely, the ringside crew gentlemen hands her a microphone and shes nods in thanks and returns to the ring. She stands in the ring and waves with her right arm. The crowd cheer modestly.

Bonjor mes amis! My name is Aerora and I'm so grateful to be apart of one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the United States. I've traveled high and low on the east coast and I've never felt more powerful than in front of you, the CMV Universe!

The crowd appreciates the compliments and claps and cheers a little louder.

I hope I go on to do great things for this company, great things for this division and great things for you.
Merci beaucoup.

Aerora music hits and she places the mic gently at her feet then placing her hand to her lips and blowing kisses to what fans she garnered with her match with Lexin, rolls out with a smile on her face.
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