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Proving you all wrong!

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Proving you all wrong!

Post by Miztacular on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:06 am

Sophia Caldwells theme hits the PA system following her win in the Vixens money in the bank becoming the first Vixen in CMV history to be called Mrs. Money in the Bank, as the other competitors make their way to the back, the crowd covers the stadiums with boo's as Caldwell celebrates inside of ring, still coming to terms with what she's accomplished. As the boo's reign down, she raises the briefcase up besides her face and looks at it in disbelief.

Caldwell staggers to her feet and looks towards the hard camera with a satisfied look on her face as she walks over to the corner of the ring and gestures for a mic. After receiving one she looks straight into the hard camera.

Sophia Caldwell:
WHAT DID I TELL YOU?! You're all blind! All of the other Vixens with their fancy color-schemes drew you to them, it made you believe they had a chance, but no, just like I said last week and the week before. I was always the favorite. ALWAYS! How do each and everyone of you not see that? This match is very black and white, clear the ring, climb the ladder. The very first chance I had the entire ring clear, I climbed the ladder, I climbed to glory, I climbed to where I've always DESERVED to be. At the top of the world. I called it, because I don't let these flashy lights blind me like these other girls, I don't let the hype that each and every one of you make get to me like those other girls. I climbed this ladder MYSELF, I didn't need you, I didn't need anybody.

Diana, Kristen, whoever wins tonight, I hope you have fun, because there's NO WAY, that belt will be around your waist too much longer, Diana I've beaten you before, I wouldn't even need this briefcase to win that belt from you... And Kristen..... oooh Kristen you got lucky, and I hope you do win tonight, I hope you beat Diana, so I can rip that title away from you at any moment. Thanks to this little guy in my hand, it's confirmed that I will become the first Vixen to win BOTH belts, and there's nothing you, or diana can do about it. So have fun, but be warned, black and white goes with anyhing, so when I strike, you won't even see me coming.

Caldwell throws the microphone and holds her briefcase high into the air, only before staggering into the corner, completely devoid of energy after that action packed match.

With the crowds boo's echoing around the stadium, she raises the briefcase up into the air, smiling, in a world of her own as the boo's completely bounce right off of her as her music hits the PA System once more and we cut to commercial.

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