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I still got it! Right?

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I still got it! Right?

Post by Miztacular on Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:17 am

The camera opens up to CMV's medical facility as we see the former two time CMV World Champion Eric Matthews sitting on a chair looking down at his hands as he wraps them in wrist tape, with somewhat of a pissed look on his face he turns and looks to the camera as he begins talking.

Eric Matthews:
You know....

Matthews clicks his neck before he continues.

Eric Matthews:
You know it sucks, it sucks to hear the reception I get each and every night, it sucks to hear that people are happy.... That I've been put on the shelf. They're happy that my body has endured more physical pain than it's supposed to. I can't... I can't seem to comprehend why? I have put it all on the line for the fans, for over three years. I've put on fantastic matches with some of the legends of our business but. But the fans, they just don't seem to care. Maybe when they, YOU, tell me to retire, maybe you're meaning in a nice way, maybe you're trying to help me, you've seen the injuries I've obtained, you know the competition is high right now. Maybe you're all just doing it to protect me....

Matthews looks down again for a second, clenching his fists as his face twitches, showing signs of anger, of energy before he slowly tilts his head up towards the camera.

Eric Matthews:
But you're wrong. I'm not done, not yet. If Climb 2 Fame proved anything, it's that the people who have been here, on OUR show the longest, are still able to compete at the highest level. I'm on the shelf right now, because it took two guys to beat me down. Two of these young guns you all love so much. But trust me, when I come back, they'll get repercussions, and I'll prove to you all. That I still have what it takes, to be a major player here in CMV. But I won't stop there... You see, I have plenty more to prove, especially when we have all of these fusion guys, coming here and ruining what was once a great show. Some of them you like, while some of them you hate. Well... I've always been one for the fans, but, this is a personal vendetta. It's something I have to do. So whether you love these fresh faces, or whether you hate them, I'm coming for them, and I will show you all! That I still have what it takes to keep up with the times in CMV.

Matthews gets up from the stool, and looks into the camera with intent in his eyes.

Eric Matthews:
When I return from this injury, you can expect THREE things. Chet Taylor and Cody Douglas will suffer, for taking time out of my career, Intensity will once again be claimed by those who've been here since the very beginning, and I will make sure, first hand, that I will be the one to end this Fusion insurgence when I climb to the top of the ladder, knocking down each and every one of them, proving to all of you doubters, all of you critics, that Eric Matthews is the Face that runs the place and nobody! Not Cole Savage, not his errand boy Omega Lee, not that paper Champion Aaron Waite. Nobody, will have the right to say otherwise when I push towards the top and silence all of them, one... by... one.

Matthews takes a deep breath, in attempt to calm himself down before he looks at the camera just one last time.

Eric Matthews:
You already all hate me, maybe I'll give you reason too...

Matthews turns around and walks into the doctors office slamming the door behind him as the camera begins to fade to black.

Matthew wrote: Hayden is so much better than Schmidty in every way.

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