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Climb 2... DESPAIR!

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Climb 2... DESPAIR!

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Fri Aug 26, 2016 8:41 am

*We are brought to that familiar room lit only by candles and the dim light of the camera as eerie music plays. The camera pans round and The Bringers Of Despair step out of the darkness and the eerie music is cut off by their theme music as they begin to speak*

Vincent Trowell: After this sunday at Climb 2 Fame, The Bringers Of Despair will take their rightful place in the record books as the greatest tag team in CMV history!

Christian Shaw: The CMV Universe will forever know the Despair that we have wrought upon the tag team Division!

Vincent: And this Sunday we will prove why we are the best!

Christian: As we dominate these so called Gladiators!

Vincent: So called warriors who have climbed their way to the top thinking that they will gain their fame!

Christian: HA! Carl Campbell and Rashad Rockwell!

Vincent: Your climb will be for not, you seek fame and glory but you will only know pain, suffering and...


*The Bringers laugh as they back into the shadows and the camera pans to the ground to reveal a pile of ashes, the remains of Eclipses mask and fades to black.*

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