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Firefly: "I was afraid to show the world the real me."

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Firefly: "I was afraid to show the world the real me."

Post by Red Chocolate on Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:18 pm

The man is the same but the venue is different this time around. There's a large gathering outside of the building Intensity's house show is being held it. The people are buzzing, incredibly excited to experience the upcoming show in such an intimate setting.

Little did they know the fun was going to begin a little earlier that expected.

Helloooooooo CMV Universe!

Some people in this crowd actually cheer, and those familiar with the man known as Firefly even sing those words along with him. To them this is a special treat to see someone so dedicated to being in CMV and entertaining them with every fiber of his being.

I'm a bit heartbroken, guys, and the pieces of my heart weigh a million pounds. But this feeling, just seeing how happy you are to see me, really and truly happy, lightens this load just a bit.

You all saw it, guys. You all watched as the draft happened and name after name was called , scrolled across the screen and pulled out of a top hat, yet none of them were mine. None of them were my love's, Toxiera.

There's nothing worse than think that you're not loved, not wanted. It's a sensation that I had hoped I would never face again. And I didn't. I didn't experience such a rejection for so long until I opened up myself to coming here only for them to look down at me and whisper no.

No Firefly. There may be two brands and two of you, but we just don't have the room. It hurt, everyone. It hurt because it was a chance for me to perform on the biggest stage imaginable. I could wrestle, I could act and I could sing. All for you guys and all for my dear old father who probably curled up in a grave somewhere still screaming out that I'll never be like him.

Firefly pauses to look at the crowd. Almost all eyes are on him. He has them captivated, completely in the palm of his hands.

At three a.m. last night when I couldn't sleep because of the traffic last night...people upset and leaning on their horns because they didn't see that there was construction happening on one of the busiest streets in the neighborhood...they kept me up so I turned on the television. There was a movie playing about a young boy who was afraid to step over the line. He wouldn't break the rules, but in the process he kept getting knocked down and each time it got harder and harder for him to get back up.

Then they made the mistake of pushing him past his breaking point.

They they actually broke him.

But the process of him putting himself back together until he became whole again is what made him stronger. It made him better than he could ever hope to be. It inspired me to do the same. Genesis, Fusion, they knocked me down and dared me to get back up.

Well I'm here.

I'm standing.

Firefly has been offered a chance to swim on this side of this pond.

And now that my future is safe. I can come out with the truth.

Firefly pulls off his mask to reveal a colorful head of hair.

I was afraid to show the world the real me. But now I can admit...Toxiera was always here.

He lets the mask drop the ground and walks off.

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