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"Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:34 am

used to be a friendly place


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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:40 pm

The celebration is well underway as Soloway soaks in his thrilling come-from-behind victory against Zack Zynda. After playing the trombone for a bit, he rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone. He stands on the announce table to ensure that everyone in the building can see him.

Soloway: Twenty-Three and Zero. That’s right. And, if you don’t believe the numbers, you can go back and watch each and every guaranteed classic on your own time! Just remember this: one of those wins was against your Global Champion Voice Vindy. Right here in the middle of the ring, your boy “Scumbag” Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige, came out here and thought what nobody thought could be done.

Soloway laughs drawing the ire of the crowd.

Soloway: You all remember that, right? How I pinned that clown’s shoulders to the mat for the three count right in front of your eyes. Rewind the tape however many times you want. Call your mama and ask her if it was just a dream. It won’t change facts, and the facts are loud and clear: I am BETTER than the Global Champion. I am BETTER than everybody on this roster. Ever since I came here, I’ve beaten the best of the best and I’m starting to think it’s time that I’m rewarded for bringing this show to new heights.

The crowd cheers loudly and Soloway smiles thinking it’s all for him. But what he doesn’t realize is that Sanders has slipped into the ring behind him and has Soloway’s trombone in his hands.

Soloway: See?! See?! Now you’re all starting to get it. Why fight the future? Just embrace me and all that I’ll bring to this company once I get my rightful title match and--

It isn’t until the crowd starts chanting Sanders’ name that Soloway realizes that something is up. He turns around and that’s when he sees Sanders midway up the ramp with Soloway’s trombone. Soloways leaps off the announce table and starts a chase, but Sanders uses his head start to his advantage by disappearing backstage before Soloway even makes it to the foot of the ramp.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:31 pm

After securing a victory over Joseph Gregory and extending his victory streak to an alleged 24-0, Soloway rolls out of the ring and grabs a microphone. He was able to ignore rival Bryan Sanders parading around the ring with his stolen trombone--forcing him to use a backup--but Soloway clearly has a bone to pick with Sanders now.

Soloway: All right, Bryan, you had your fun trying to be me for a week. It’s too bad that didn’t translate to even getting a match--a shame too, because I would have loved seeing you get slapped around... as usual.

Sanders: Wrestle a match tonight? And risk not seeing you wrestle up close and personal? I wouldn’t dream of it.

Soloway: Normally I would be flattered--

Sanders: My pleasure…

Soloway: But I know that that’s a lie considering you spent half the match trying to distract me!

Sanders: Oh, you mean when I was playing the instrument?

Soloway: Yeah that’s what I meant.

Sanders: Come on, Teddy, I was just trying to get some practice in. It was nothing personal.

Soloway: No! You’re not the musician here. I am! I am the multi-talented superstar that is bringing this brand to new heights!

Sanders: That’s why I took the trombone, Teddy! I was hoping it would help me be more like you.

Sanders smriks when he says that, clearly talking out of his ass to get under Soloway’s skin.

Soloway: You’ll never be like me, Bryan! Never!

Sanders: See that hurts, Teddy, because you haven’t given me a chance to prove that. Which is a shame because I had the perfect opportunity to show that I’m better than you at UnChained. Remember that night, Teddy? Remember how you jumped me from behind because you were scared to wrestle me?

Soloway: You’ve gotta be kidding me! I wasn’t scared at all.

Sanders’ face is beginning to turn red as Soloway’s refusal to admit any wrongdoing is beginning to upset me.

Sanders: Then why did you do it then, huh? It wasn’t fear, if it wasn’t because you’re just not man enough to settle something that you started, then tell me why you did it!

Soloway: I was...I was doing you a favor!

Sanders: Hah! You’re kidding with that one, right?

Soloway: I’m the man you pinned the Global Champion clean as a whistle right here in the middle of the ring.

Sanders: How long are you going to ride on the coattails of that one win?

Soloway: At least until you can say the same thing too! And it wasn’t just one win, it was one of many. Don’t you dare forget that I’m twenty-four and zero.

Sanders: Have you even actually wrestled that many matches?

Soloway: Twenty four and zero! Not a single man on roster can say that they’ve gotten the best of me, but you swear that you would have gotten lucky enough to do it. My favor was sparing you the embarrassment of getting styled on on such a big stage.

Sanders: The only embarrassing thing about that night was you running away with your tail tucked between your legs.

Soloway: I don’t even have a tail! What are you talking about?

Soloway shamelessly laughs heartily at his bad joke.

Sanders: You can make your jokes, but notice that you’re the only one laughing, Teddy. So if you’re not going to admit why you did what you did at UnChained. I’ll tell you. It’s because you knew that you pissed off the wrong man. You thought that you’d get away with your nonsense in the cafeteria, but it’s like I’ve been saying time and time again: I’m not a man who’ll let someone walk all over me and not repay them in kind. I will not stop until--

Soloway: You will not stop until they fire your ass because all you do is harrass me every moment of every day. You’re trying to get me to admit to something that isn’t true just so these clowns in the arena buy into your sob story. Why don’t you do the right thing and admit that you’re delusional because there was no way in hell that you were going to come anywhere close to beating me.

Sanders: Delusional...

Soloway: Yeah, that’s what I said. Delusional. What, you deaf too?

Sanders: Delusional. The man who’s bragging about an undefeated streak that doesn’t exist is calling me delusional?

Soloway: It is re--

Sanders: The man who started this whole thing by throwing a tantrum because I sat at the same table as him has the nerve to question my mental state? You stand there talking so confidently about how you would have beaten me without breaking a sweat at UnChained, Teddy. But how do you know that that’s really how it would have played out? Huh? HOW DO YOU KNOW?

Soloway: Did you not see what happened tonight? Or the weeks before that? When push comes to shove, I get the job done. THAT’S how I know.

Sanders: Yeah, on Intensity. Teddy, I’m so glad we’re having this chat because things are finally started to come together. Sure, you can perform on the weekly shows...but what about the big-time matches. Pay-Per-Views are a spectacle--bright lights--giant crowds that you can’t tune out...and you were so afraid of choking, especially in your first ever Pay-Per-View match, that you didn’t want to take the risk at all. That’s why you attacked me.

Soloway: I attacked you because you’re a nobody trying to drag me down to your level of patheticness.

Sanders: If only you were as willing to throw fists as you are to hurl around this grade-school insults. When are you going to grow up and own up to your mistakes? You started this, but you won’t finish. You want me to go away so badly, you know what you have to do.

Soloway: You don’t make the matches around here. You don’t just get to waltz out here, blackmail me by holding my trombone hostage so you can try to force me to wrestle you.

Sanders: This trombone is just an insurance policy. You wrestle me and I’ll give it back to you safe and sound.

Soloway: You can’t outsmart me. When I beat you, you’d just be a sore loser and hang onto it.

Now it’s Sanders who’s chuckling at Soloway’s train of thought.

Sanders: For somebody so confident he can beat me, it’s so strange how you’re hesitating to accept my challenge.

Soloway: Fine you want to fight me so badly, then you get your finished.

Sanders: See, was that so hard?

Soloway: Next week.

Sanders: What?

Soloway: Next week, live on Intensity you get your wish. Me versus You in a one on one match right here in this ring.

The crowd boos at Soloway working so hard at depriving them of seeing this match on a bigger stage.

Sanders: I think you meant to say No Remorse.

Soloway: I know what I said.

Sanders: And I heard it. I’m just telling you that you’re mistaken. When we fight, it’s going to be at No Remorse. I am NOT going to let you rob me of my chance to make a name for myself, and I will not rest until I rip you apart to do it. Years from now when they talk about the defining moments of my career, the very first one they’ll mention is when I destroyed you in front a sold-out arena. The night that I beat you so decisively that there will be no way for you to twist the fact and claim that you won.

Soloway: That’s nice and all, but in case you don’t understand, the match is happening next week, NOT at No Re--

In a quick motion, Sanders flicks his wrist and smacks the trombone off the side of the crowd barricade.

Sanders: You’re not weaseling your way out of this one.

Soloway: Stop that.

Sanders: Say that the match will happen at No Remorse.

Soloway takes a few steps in Sanders’ direction trying to save his instrument, but then Sanders quickly lifts the trombone over the steel stairs. The threat of violence halts Teddy in his tracks.

Sanders: Bryan Sanders against Teddy Soloway at No Remorse. Accept the match.

Soloway: That’s not even my full name!

Sanders slams the trombone down against the stairs.

Sanders: Accept it!

Soloway: Fine. Fine. I accept it. Now give me back my damn trombone.

The crowd cheers

Sanders: Uh-uh. Like I said: insurance. You do anything to sneak your way out of this match and I’ll see to it that you never see this again and you’ll forever have to settle with your back up.

Sanders’ theme hits and for a few moments he and Soloway lock eyes and stare each other down. Finally, Sanders, smirks and walks away to prepare for the clash against Soloway at No Remorse.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:41 am

Picture this: The one and only Teddy Soloway is standing by backstage next to his personal interviewer: Guy with a huge smile on his face despite not technically picking up the win in the tag team match earlier in the show.

Guy: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Teddy--

Soloway: Forget my name, Guy. Let’s talking about the amazing showing out there when I took on not one, not two, but THREE men at the same time and walked away from the scuffle without a scratch on this body or a blemish on my unparalleled undefeated streak.

Guy: Now hang on a second, the last I checked, that was a tag team match that you wrestled. One that ended in a draw!

Soloway: Okay, let me do your job as an interviewer and ask you a question.

Guy: What?

Soloway: No! I’M asking the questions. You had your chance, and you blew it!

Guy: Okay, Okay...

Soloway: YOU BLEW IT!

Guy: Oh my god...

Soloway: As I was saying... It’s my time to ask a question. You’re standing there all smug in your suit and tie and white socks.

Guy: How do you know what color...

Soloway: I’m asking the questions! You stand there using these technical terms like “draw” like it’s supposed to mean something.

Guy: It’s such a common phrase...

Soloway: The point is: you call it a draw, but did I lose?

Guy: No, Teddy. Technically, no, you did not lose that match.

Soloway: And if I didn’t lose, doesn’t that mean I win? Isn’t the opposite of losing, winning?

Guy: There are so many more variables...

Soloway: Always with the big words and big talk, trying to make me look like a fool, huh Guy? The facts speak for themselves, and they’re saying that Teddy Soloway is now standing tall as a solid 27 and Zero and it’s only getting better from here!

Guy: But you were 24-0 and last week? And even if you're doing the usual stretching of the truth, that's 26-0 at best! What? Are you going to say that you beat the referee too?

Soloway: I don't like the way that sentence was put together.

Guy: Oh my god...

Soloway: Are you calling me a liar? Are you saying that I do not earn my victories?

Guy: Still, there were only two guys on the opposing team. So where did the extra “victory” come from?

Soloway: Hello? Were you not watching the same match that I was wrestling in?

Guy: I was--that’s why I’m so confused.

Soloway: That new clown was the one who knocked me out of the ring to begin with and I went above and beyond to get him back into the ring, but he always just “missed” the ring. All I’m saying is that for somebody who likes to talk about how tough he is, he sure did an amazing job of running away from me. So I’ll chalk that up as a win for me. Then of course his tag partner was Bryan Sanders who watched, just like last time, as his tag team partner left him out to dry. Another win for me. And let’s not forget that my alleged “partner” was a man that I’ve already beaten. That clown Lauren getting to tag with me was like me doing charity for those less fortunate and for that act of generosity, it’s only fair that I’m compensated with a third victory of the night for my troubles.

Guy: Well..Teddy, I won’t argue with the facts, I guess. But I do want to hear more about the way things are playing out between you and Bryan. It started out as you ruining his clothes and spraypainting “Loser” on his car, and it just keeps escalating and escalating.

Soloway: No, Guy. No. NoNoNoNoNoNoNo!!! I won’t let you rewrite history. This started because Bryan Sanders sat at MY table while I was trying to enjoy a good meal.

Guy: That seems like such a petty thing to spark what’s become such a blood feud.

Soloway: Petty!?!! What was petty was him going out of his way to steal my precious trombone. I tried to apologize for UnChained and put this behind me so that I would be the one challenging Voice VIndy for the Global Championship after I BEAT him smack dab in the middle of the ring. Instead, he hit me with the codebreaker, then he stole my instrument, and then he blackmailed me into accepting a match against him at No Remorse.

Guy: But what’s the big deal about losing THAT trombone? You have a back up and both look kind of similar...

Soloway: The trombone that that clown Bryan Sanders STOLE from me was more than a musical instrument. I’ve had her for years traveling all around the world from my days in school to beyond. That’s the trombone I was playing when I proposed to....

He winces as a memory hits him like a truck.

Soloway: Nevermind that. The point is that while it may look like any trombone to untrained eyes like yours, to me it’s one of a kind and I will stop at nothing to get it back.

Guy: I had no idea…


Out of nowhere Sanders smacks Soloway behind with that very trombone causing his opponent at No Remorse to crumble to the ground.

Guy: What the hell was that for? He was defenseless!

Sanders: So was I at UnChained.

Guy: He apologized for that, Bryan.

Sanders: And you believed that? Aren’t you tired of his lies, Guy? Aren’t you tired of men like Teddy Soloway walk around acting like they own the place. Men like Teddy Soloway think that they can just do whatever they want to whoever they want and think they never have to face the consequences for their actions. If no one else is going to step up, then I’LL be the consequences. I could have had my career-making match against Soloway at UnChained. A match for the ages where the good guy prevailed and finally got the respect, adoration and achievements that he’s earned for all of this tireless, thankless work.

Guy: I’m not sure who’s the good guy anymore.

Sanders: What was that?

Guy: He tried to make amends, and I can understand that you were angry at what happened, and I don’t blame you. But you got your payback the week after, then the week after that, then the week after that, and now tonight. You could have done so much more if you put that effort into something else...the Television title, the tag titles, but...

Sanders: But nothing. Soloway embarrassed me, and when a jerk has an ego like that, it takes more than one or two hits to knock him off of that high horse. Maybe for somebody like you standing on the sidelines, it seems like I’ve done it enough. It feels like I should be satisfied. Well I’m not. I can see it in the way that Teddy walks, and hear it in the way that he talks, that he’s the same old prick that he’s always been--which means that he hasn’t learned anything. Which means that his apology was a farce to calm me down while e tries to sneak in a Global Championship match. No, Not while I’m still here. I won’t be treated like an afterthought anymore. I’ll humble Teddy at No Remorse and then everyone will see that Bryan Sanders is NOT a joke. I can be somebody in this business, and it starts with the demolition of Teddy Soloway.

With a smirk, Sanders slings the Trombone over his shoulder and walks away with it, leaving Guy to check on Soloway as the screen fades to black.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:55 pm

Picture this: Whoever the Intensity GM is has called both Bryan Sanders and Teddy Soloway into his office so they can discuss what’s been going on like adults. Soloway is standing with his arms crossed, while Sanders has a smug expression on his face while also still carrying the trombone around.

GM: I’m glad you both took some time out of your busy schedules to be here tonight.

Soloway: That’s some kind of joke, right?

Sanders: Of course it’s a joke.

Soloway: Because if it is then I don’t find it funny. This guy right here attacked me at No Remorse...

Sanders: Oh, I attacked you? Is that the way it went down?

Soloway: ...after stealing my trombone and the best you can do is bring us in here like you’re the principal and we’re in elementary school?

Sanders: Maybe if you stopped acting like a fifth grader…

GM: All right, enough you two.

Soloway: If I’m in fifth grade, then what are you, a kindergartener? Because I’ll always be bigger, stronger and smarter than you’ll ever be.

Sanders: All that didn’t do you much good at No Remorse, did it?

Soloway: So now you’re going to brag about taking advantage of an emotionally distraught man?

Sanders: Emotionally distraught? You’ve got to be kidding me.

GM: Guys...

Soloway: I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind after the theft of my precious instrument.

Sanders: How long did it take you to come up with that excuse?

Soloway: It’s not an excuse if it’s backed up by factual evidence. An excuse would be whatever you use to justify the existence of your career.

Sanders: If my career is such a joke why are you so scared to wrestle me?

Soloway: Scared? Call it an act of mercy.

Sanders: For you, probably, because I’m sure nothing would destroy you more than having that undefeated streak undisputedly ended.

Soloway: No one has ever beaten me and nobody ever will!

Sanders: How can you say that with a straight face when there is so much video evidence to dispute that?

Soloway: So you believe everything you see?

Sanders: What?

GM: ENOUGH! I, for one, am tired of seeing you go around in circles acting like a bunch of fools. So I’m going to make sure this is settled once and for all. First, Bryan, give the man back his trumpet.

Soloway: Trombone!

GM: Whatever.

Soloway snatches the trombone away from Sanders then begins inspecting it to make sure it has been dealt irreparable harm.

Soloway: You know what, I guess you ain’t so bad after all. Catch you later.

Soloway starts walking toward the door.

GM: Not so fast, Teddy. Whether you want to admit it or not, you’ve played a role in this dragging out for so long too. So I’M going to see to it that you both do have a match, at Takeover. And if either one of you does something to put that match at risk, then you’ll be putting your jobs at risk too.

Soloway: Are you ki--

The GM raises his hand, cutting Soloway off.

GM: The only thing up for debate right now is what kind of match it will be. Now if you’ll both excuse me, I’ve got other matters to attend to tonight.

With a huge grin on his face, Sanders walks by Soloway and gives him a “friendly” pat on the shoulder.

Sanders: Look on the brightside, Teddy. You have almost a month to prepare for the inevitable. Maybe it won’t sting so bad then.

Soloway can’t even muster up a decent comeback before Sanders walks off, and Intensity fades to a commercial break.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by Miztacular on Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:04 pm

>Thomas Sullivan is the GM

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Mon Mar 06, 2017 5:31 pm

Soloway is hit hard with boos as he celebrates a victory over Ricky Spanish. Soloway demands a microphone after playing a couple of notes on his newly-returned trumpet, then waits for his theme to cut off before he speaks.

Soloway: Ladies and Gentlemen...thank you! Thank you! But really, please, everyone take your seats. There is no need for you all to applause, to shower me with praise. I appreciate it, I truly do, but I don’t want you all to think that I’m superman. I’m simply a man who has done the unthinkable...I’ve extended my winning streak to an incredible twenty-nine and zero! That’s right, not only did I beat that budget Teddy Soloway, Ricky Spanish, in the middle of the ring, but let’s not forget that my efforts at No Remorse eventually paid off as I did get my beloved trombone back from the devious clutches of the one that goes by the name of...matter of fact, I’m not even going to do him the honor of having his name come out of this mouth.

Soloway chuckles to himself as if that decision were actually doing Bryan Sanders serious harm.  

Soloway: I have other, more important things, on my mind. Things like the fact that I should be in the main event of Takeover wrestling for the Global Championship instead of being held back. Telling me I have to wrestle...he who must not be named, is like telling an All-Star NBA player that he has to play in the YMCA. It’s just a complete and utter waste of my unparalleled talent. Let’s not forget that I beat Voice Vindy while he was champion and nothing came from it, meanwhile so many have gotten shots for less. So I am hereby DEMANDING that I be added to that match at Takeover, so I can win the Global Championship once and for all. So come on general manager, whatever your name is, make this official once and for all.

It’s not the GM’s that hits the speakers, but instead Bryan Sanders, and the one-man band, as his music proclaims, is actually met with some mixed reactions. Could it be that some people in the audience actually wanted to see Soloway in that title match? Nonetheless, Sanders has some things to get off of his chest, walking straight down to the ring and getting into Soloways’ face.

Sanders: You know what I despise the most about you, Teddy?

Soloway: How damn good I look?

Sanders: How damn cocky you are with nothing to show for it. And what’s even worse is that they all let you get away with it. I bet the GM was actually on his way out here to give you that title match. Why?

Soloway: Because I earned that match.

Sanders: Because you’re the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. You yell into the ether loud enough that you’re the best and those that don’t know any better will actually start to believe it.

Soloway: They believe it because it’s true.

Sanders: They don’t believe it, Teddy. You’re just constantly living in your fantasy world where everything goes your way--and it makes me sick because it’s starting to spill over into reality. I’ve been the good soldier since I got here. I show up on time, I go out there and wrestle any match that they have for me, and if I lose...

Soloway: Which is all the time, am I right?

Sanders: And if I lose I never make an excuse for it. What did I get for that Teddy? Sporadic match opportunities at best--treated like an afterthought, while I keep the company at the forefront of my thoughts. Then here comes big mouth and big ego Teddy Soloway who is on every show, gets the spotlight in the match against the champion, and can duck and run for our pay per view matches without any consequences.

Soloway: I told you: I was doing you a favor. The day we get into the ring, is the day that your career ends.

Sanders: But it’s so funny the lengths you’re going to so that match doesn’t happen. Even just now you’re trying to weasel your way out of it by trying to slip into a title match that you don’t deserve.

Soloway: Don’t deserve? Are you kidding me? I beat Voi---

Sanders: I’m getting sick and tired of this game, Teddy. Sick of you getting treated like a star while I get nothing. Where was my match, tonight? Huh? Why do I have to beg and plead to do WHAT I’M BEING PAID FOR?! I’M SICK of you ripping away my chances to steal the show at a pay per view. SICK of you disrespecting me and thinking you can get away with it. SICK of being the only one that can see through your act.

Soloway: It’s not an--

Sanders: SHUT UP! I know how this is going to go, Teddy. We saw it at UnMatched and No Remorse. To get out of the embarrassment of me beating you at a pay per view, you’ll do whatever it takes until it comes down to the last resort of jumping me from behind like the spineless coward you are. Fool me twice, shame on me, right? Well I’m not letting it happen a third time.

Soloway: What you tal--

Before Soloway can get the full question out, Sanders charges with a vicious tackle that sends both men falling to the mat. The roll around on the mat until their momentum carries them under the bottom rope and hitting the ground outside the ring hard. Sanders gets to his feet, and his line of sight leads to the announce table. Sanders strips the table clean, then turns his attention to Soloway. Sanders’ attempts to get Soloway on the table fails when Soloway rakes him in the eyes. Now it’s Soloway who rolls the stunned Sanders onto the table. With a smirks on his face, Soloway sets Sanders up for a powerbomb, but Sanders suddenly drops to a knee and uppercuts Soloway in the groin!--a vicious low blow!

Sanders scrambles off the table as Soloway crumbles onto it. Sanders climbs onto the ring apron, an action that causes the members of the audience to take a collective breath. Glancing behind him only once, Sanders springboards off the middle rope and drive both himself and Soloway through the announce table with a devastatingly beautiful moonsault. Clutching his ribs in pain is Sanders as he pulls himself to his feet with the help of the barricade. He’s hurt, but can walk away satisfied knowing that Soloway is in much worse shape.


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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:30 pm

Bryan Sanders sits there, defeated by the hands of former World Champion Voice Vindy. He forces himself to stand….when suddenly a “fan” jumps over the barricade and storms the ring!

He rips off his Teddy Soloway mask to reveal….that it’s Teddy Soloway! That somehow gets some cheers from the crowd as the sea of public opinion seems to slowly be swaying in Soloway’s direction as his war with the seemingly obsessed Sanders wages on.

Sanders turns around to discover that he’s no longer alone in the ring. No, now he’s face to face with one of his biggest rivals.

Now he’s face to face with a man who’s out for revenge.

Soloway charges forward with a primal scream, going for broke with a monstrous clothesline that Sanders only narrowly ducks under. Soloway bounces chest-first off the ropes, the momentum sending him back into Sanders’ waiting arms.

Sanders attempts a german suplex, but between his exhaustion from the match against Vindy and Soloway being driven by anger--perhaps even desperation as well--Sanders can’t quite pull it off when Soloway throws his right arm back to nail his rival with an elbow to the temple. Sanders staggers backward and Soloway races at him and this time he hits a clothesline that sends both men tumbling over the top rope and they land with a thud onto the thin mat that covers the concrete floor outside of the ring.

Soloway rises to his feet first, no surprise there, and looks down at his handiwork: an unconscious Bryan Sanders lying in a heap on the group. Feeling satisfied and confident, Soloway walks over to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a microphone.

Soloway: And that ladies and germs...that is why I am better than Bryan Sanders could ever hope to be in even his wildest dreams. He had his chance tonight and HE BLEW IT. He LOST to Voice VINDY, a man who I BEAT without even breaking a sweat. And this is the man who’s supposed to challenge me? The man who I’m supposed to be afraid to fight at Takeover? Let me repeat: I should be headlining! I should be in the main events! Winning the titles, getting the love and the attention and the adoration and the MONEY! But I can’t? Why because everywhere I go I have this parasite trying to drag me down with him. Well I--


Sanders was only playing possum and Soloway was arrogant enough to not see through the age-old tactic. Soloway crumbles to the ground while Sanders stands over him with steel chair in hand. Sanders kneels down next to Soloway and grabs the microphone with his free hand.

Sanders: You always talk this big game, but not once have you ever backed it up. You say that I’m nothing, a nobody, but not once have you gotten into the ring to prove that. I will not let you or Voice these people or this company treat me like I’m a second-class citizen in this company. I’ve been loyal! I’ve paid my dues! And It’s MY TURN TO GET THE CHANCES EVERYONE HAS BEEN HANDED ON A SILVER PLATTER! I’m not letting anyone else cut in front of me. Not anymore.

Sanders walks over to the announcer’s table and strips it bare then begins rolling Soloway’s body on top of it. With a strong mix of cheers and boos filling the arena, Sanders hoists Soloway into the air, then drives him through the table--for the second week in a row--this time with a vicious brainbuster.

Sanders lies there in the rubble wild-eyed from the adrenaline rush. With a huge grin on his face he sits up, he may have lost the battle against Vindy, but now he can walk away with his head held high.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by D.Young77 on Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:31 pm

The crowd cheers as Teddy Soloway's music hits the speakers, and he's all smiles as he dances his way out and plays his trombone to the beat of "Sol-o-way." Despite dropping the win to Omega Lee, in the main event last week, Soloway is in a pretty jovial mood--as we've seen time and time again, Soloway has likely seen the match from his own...unique perspective.

Soloway: Ladies and Gentleman, another week, another win. Let me tell you personall, folks, it just feels so damn good to be Teddy Soloway right now. I know what you’re all about to say. You’re going to try to twist the facts to make it seem like Omega Lee actually beat me. Luckily I know, and anybody with a working brain knows that I really won that match. I won that match. I WON THAT MATCH!!! In a vacuum I would have beaten that fake champion. I know it. He knows it. The general manager knows it and that’s why he waited until last week to do it. He waited until I was hurt, put through a table by the devious Bryan Sanders and clearly wasn’t one hundred percent before making that match. Not only that but the announcer ruined my introduction, while Omega Lee’s was perfect. If that’s not stacking the deck against me, then I don’t know what is!!!

Soloway shakes his head.

Soloway: Luckily, I’m not a man to make excuses. I knew I was fighting an uphill battle, but I went out there anyway and put up the fight of my life. It’s only fair for the valiant effor that the win would be awarded to win, and in turn continuing this historic winning str--

Sanders: NO!

Sanders’ voice echoes through the speaker system, immediately causing the crowd to boo a lot louder than they normally do.

Sanders: No, no, no, no, no, no..NO!

Sanders walks down the ramp, a smug expression on his face.

Sanders: Absolutely not, Teddy. Uh-uh. Not this time.

Sanders quickly gets into the ring and walks right up to Soloway.

Sanders: You lost! You hear me?! You lost! You had your big chance to say that you could hang with the best in this company, and, well, as you would say...YOU BLEW IT!

Soloway: I had Omega Lee right where I wanted him...if it weren’t for you..

Sanders: That’s right, Teddy. If it weren’t for me, MAYBE you would have won. But here’s the reality, I did get in your way, and I DID cost you that match by putting you through a table. And just like that, it’s over for you. In my wildest dreams, it would have all ended by my hands...but at least this way I can still say I played a role. No more bragging. No more lies. Nor more excuses. No. More. Streak.

Soloway: You’re really starting to piss me off.

Sanders: Starting? Starting?! Welcome to my world; I’ve been pissed off since day one. I’ve been pissed off since you tried to play me for a fool and almost got away with it. I’ve been pissed off since you attacked me on two-straight pay per views and almost got away with it. But I’ve been starting to feel a little better after I got my revenge. Two times now I’ve put you through a table, embarrassing you in front of all the world to see, just like you tried to do with me. Last week was the cherry on top. Takeover is when I finish this once and for all. You want to see what a winner looks like, Teddy? Well he won’t be staring back at you in the mirror...he’ll staring back at you from across that ring.

Soloway: You know the difference in your career from before I came here and after? Well, after last week I would say it’s that you’re a one-match wonder. A man who, after I destroy you at Takerover, will go down in history as just some guy who got a fluke win over a D-list actor. The only reason why people know your name now, is because of me. And you know it. That’s why you’ve been so obsessed with me, because you know that the minute this rivalry ends, so does your career--back to irrelevancy for you. And after all you’ve done...I’m going to make sure that it all ends.

Sanders:You think you’re going to fool me thrice? I’m going for the trifecta tonight!

In a flash, Sanders drives the top of his microphone into Soloway’s skull sending the bigger man staggering backward into the ropes. Sanders chargers forward looking for a clothesline, hut Soloway slyly pulls down on the bottom rope. Sanders lands hard on the outside and Soloway is quickly right out there with him. Soloways remains on the offensive, peppering Sanders with a series of rights and lefts.

GM: Enough!!

Whoever the hell the GM of this show is, makes his way out here backed up by an army off security personnel. The guards quickly rush down to the ringside area to forcefully separate Soloway and Sanders just when it looked like Soloway was going to get his revenge by putting Sanders through the announce table.

GM: I said enough! Now, how long have you two been going at it? Months now? Years?! Well, I’m tired of you two bickering and brawling like a bunch of brats. I already told you both that you were facing at Takeover no matter what. But now I’m going to make things interesting. Now, I’m going to make that match a TABLES MATCH!! Soloway, you’ll get your chance to get some sweet, sweet payback...and Sanders...since you’ve taken up the mantle of jumping people from behind, we’ll see how you fare when your opponent sees you coming.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

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