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Post Main Event of Unmatched #11

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Post Main Event of Unmatched #11

Post by Childish Meltzer on Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:43 am

As DSD gets the pin over Vincent Trowell in this emphatic Tag Team Main Event, his arm is raised into the air by the referee and DSD turns around to leave the ring but only into a CODEBREAKER from Sunshine! Sending DSD crumbling into the mat as Sunshine stands tall in the ring, looking over his handywork as a familiar theme hits the PA system.

Sunshines head snaps towards the ramp as Kane comes out from the back, for once without a microphone, which can only mean one thing, he's ready for a fight. As Kane gets to the bottom of the ramp, Christian Shaw is back to his feet on this inside of the ring behind Sunshine after kicking out of the crunchy, coming up from behind hitting Sunshine with a punch to the back of the head. Sunshine turns around pissed and annoyed and hits Shaw with the codebreaker. However as he gets back up, he turns around to a CHOKESLAM from Kane who had taken advantage of the distraction from Shaw. As this erupts in the center of the ring, DSD clambers back up to his feet in the corner as Kane begins to raise his arms into the air before swinging them down causing pyro to erupt around the stadium, however instantly after, DSD runs into Kane hitting him with a KNEE OF DESTINY before going over to pick up the steel chair used from the match, D'Angelo St. Daniels stands above the downed Sunshine and smacks him in the back with the steel chair, just ensuring he doesn't get back to his feet as the Gate City God gestures for a microphone to be thrown into the ring as he begins to speak.

Hey Corporate Pussy, you see Sunshine? You see how your latest failed projects met his fate? Now I'm telling you if you keep fucking with me you're going to go through the same path that you had at Arrival, you want to try and have a go again well I'll put it to you like this, Kane you like to chokeslam people in this ring, you like to make people's lives a living hell but I'll go one step further and burn your world to the ground and bury you in it. Then probably dance on the ashes or something. All you're good for is empty threats because in this ring you can't prove SHIT to me.....

DSD turns his attention to a down Sunshine

 And Frankenstein's monster don't think I forgot about you, all I have to do to beat you is hit you on the top of your tiny insignificant soft spot head, because you're nothing compared to me. You're just some Ghostface looking guy we put in the posters just so people want to come see the show "Oh look mommy there's a neat mask guy". Again no substance nothing just neat mask guy
So I'm going to put it to you guys like this and I said before, in my career I've made a living out of leaving the biggest path of destruction and when I climb on top of the broken bodies of you two I look to lay waste to five other men in a ladder match. I am the uncrown champion, I've been the uncrown champion sense episode 100, I've been hunting for gold for 10 months and those 10 months it felt like a gift but its more like a curse I am going to break that curse at Climb 2 Fame.....


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