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Let Me Remind You Who I Am

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Let Me Remind You Who I Am

Post by Decided Villain on Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:03 am

Intensity Ep. 11 (#158)

After Aarons victory his theme blasts through the arena too echoing boos, Aaron continues to celebrate in the ring as Sampson hands him his CMV Global Championship and a microphone as the theme fades. Chris Adams is seen rolling out of the ring and walking to the back

Aaron Waite : Yeah... Yeah go on, leave, go back there and put your stupid eye liner back on, you undashing bastard hahaha

The crowds boo's grow louder as Aaron laughs at the defeated Chris Adams walking to the back.

Aaron Waite : Now it appears that you people may have forgotten about me, so let me remind you just who the hell I am. I am the FACE of this damn show... You guys should feel lucky to have me, do you even know how badly Unmatched wants me? huh? heck, do you guys even know how much Fusion wants me!?

The crowd boo's even more at the sound of Aarons voice.

Aaron Waite : I am YOUR CMV Global Champion, I am the only one to hold this CMV Global Championship and I can assure you no one is taking this thing away from me! I do not care who you are, you can be the confused Chris Adams, you could be a washed up has been like Eric Matthews, you could be Tops Newsome, you could be some giant guy who thinks his scary but really he is just a Call of Duty fan. I WILL NOT LOSE THIS TITLE.

Aaron holds his belt up high as he continues to speak

Aaron Waite : Annnnnnnnd most importantly of all. I. AM. GREATNESS..... wait for it... AT ITS GREATEST!!!!

Aaron stands tall with the crowd booing the CMV Global Champion

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Re: Let Me Remind You Who I Am

Post by Childish Meltzer on Wed Aug 24, 2016 6:04 am

Just before the camera cuts away Number One Contender for Waite's title Zack Starr theme blasto on the PA system just when he walks out

CUT! CUT! CUT! Cut the music, cut the microphones, cut that stupid beard on your face. You want to brag about being the first and only Global Champion, say no on will take the belt off you, and say you're annoying catchphrase "I'm Greatness at its Greatest" but for the last month or so I've been making a habit out of embarrassing you and making you my bitch.
So instead of calling yourself "Greatness at its Greatest" you should now be called "Greatness at Selling to Starr" and you're little Global Championship I can promise you it will be officially on the shoulders of the Starr Attraction.....

Starr walks down the ramp, staring down at Aaron Waite as he's making his way into the ring

Let me give you some advice while I'm out here, at Climb 2 Fame leave that ring and save yourself the embarrassment of facing me again, knowing the fact that I can run circles around you. If it weren't for Johnny Sampson you wouldn't be holding that championship today you know it, I know it, and it eats you up inside that you cannot do it alone. Let's face it you're a hack and not as good as you believe you are. You're an embarrassment to this sport, that beard is an embarrassment to the average millennial, you're an embarrassment to that title, and an embarrassment to CMV and you're honestly embarrassing me right now socializing with you.
Stop lying to yourself that you're greatness whatever honor that belt had before the finals of that tournament was lost as soon as you pinned Hayden Kiteley and there's only ONE way you can restore it back at Climb 2 Fame you leave Sampson in the background, I'll leave Spanish, we walk down that ramp, you prove the critics wrong and show that you're Greatness at its Greatest and I'll make the main event the spotlight I was born to be in and I will be more fired up than I ever have in my entire career for this match up.
So you better get ready for what's coming because I'm going to be better than I ever have before AND YOU WILL SELL TO STARR BITCH!

At that note Starr superkicks Waite in the groin dropping him to his knees setting Starr up to hit Waite with "Roll the Credits"
With Waite down Starr picks up the Global Championship and raise it to the crowd cheering


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