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The Monster attacks

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The Monster attacks

Post by Jay Davis on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:42 pm

*After Tops Newsome vs Alpha Anon, As Tops stands in the ring, the lights go off*

Announcer: Oh no, it can't be him. Please.....Not him.

*The lights are flashing a red color to them*

Announcer: Oh god this is it for Newsome.

*Then the lights come back on as Zodiak stands in front of Tops*

Announcer: Run,Newsome,Run!!

*Zodiak grabs Newsome by his throw and picks him up for a chokeslam*

Announcer: Oh god. Newsome's done for. He just done.

*Zodiak picks up and puts him in a military press*

Announcer: Oh come on, Zodiak! He has a family for crying out loud!

*He then throws Newsome into the Announcer's table, causing it to collapse*

Announcer: Oh Jesus!!

*Newsome's lifeless body is lying on the remains of the table as Zodiak stands in the ring, looking at Newsome*

Announcer: Somebody get over here!! Get medical staff!! God damn it,Zodaik!!

*He grabs a microphone*

Zodiak: I am above the weakness of seeking to establish a sequence of cause and effect, between the disaster and the atrocity.

*The lights go back off and come back on to Zodiak gone and Newsome still unconscious on the outside with medical looking at him*

Announcer: Jesus. People, we will give you more info right after this Commercial Break.

*The show goes to Commercial*
Jay Davis
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Main Event Star!

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