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CAW BIO: Cobalt Ketchup

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CAW BIO: Cobalt Ketchup

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:08 pm

Ring Name- Cobalt Ketchup
Real Name- Colt Ball
Finishers- Code Cobalt and Code Ketchup

Colt Ball has been training in several training camps and underground dungeons for most of his career. He has yet to hit it big. 

He signed up for a reality tv show with other wrestlers where one gets eliminated each week and was picked for the show.

He doesn't have a gimmick, other than trying to figure out what other people's gimmicks are. Most of the others on the show have a gimmick already even though they've never had any airtime. Colt Ball just wants to wrestle. 

The reality tv show is underway as we speak and I will update with how that goes.

Basically, I just got this game and will go through with updates on the character until a spot opens up then he can be signed.


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