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Who's the Fluke Again?

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Who's the Fluke Again?

Post by PREDICTION KING on Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:05 pm

Lorin Seuol begins to make his way down the ramp, with the European Championship. That is until for the second time, Schmidty comes from behind him, knocking him down with brute force.

No no no, not again!

Schmidty continues to stomp away at the champion, giving no mercy. Only pain on the mind of the deranged Schmidty who takes great delight in harming Lorin. Taking Lorin by the back of the head he drags him to the ring side area where he then vicisouly slams his head into the cold ring post. His skull smacking along the steel before plopping down onto the floor of the arena.

Schmidty yet again, viciously attacking Lorin Seoul. Somebody come out here and do something.

Schmidty isn't done there. He pulls Lorin's head up to reveal that he's busted open right above his right eye. Gushing out blood as Schmidty brings him to his feet and with even more brute force, he Irish Whips the European Champion into the steel steps. A loud thud can be heard as his back connects with the unforgiving steel.

Good god. Lorin's back cracking over that steel.

Schmidty begins to laugh at his work before rolling in the ring, holding out his arm, awaiting a member of the ring crew to hand him a microphone. Once having one in hand, he stops in the center of the ring, awaiting the boos of the crowd to settle down before speaking.

Once again...ladies and gentlemen I ask you to look over there on the ground, at your European Champion. A broken man. Can't even stand. Yet here I am. Standing tall. Who's the fluke now? Huh? Who's the ideal European Champion? That man right there being aided by that fat doctor or me, the greatest professional wrestler on the planet?

Schmidty pauses for a second, watching as officials come to Lorin's aide.

This wouldn't of happened if I would of gotten what I asked for. Last week I walked down here and I requested, very nicely I may add, my rematch clause. And what did I get? Nadda. I wasn't even booked. So I ran out here later that night and I took away your main event. You all didn't get to see your precious Champion vs Champion match because the man that was challenging Marko Punish is no champion. And as the realist I am, it was my job to give him a good dose of reality. And it was me, standing tall at the end of the night. As it should be. Every single week. Not Marko Punish. And not this fluke of champion.

Schmidty shows a look of disgust at Lorin as he's being stretchered out.

Kane.....i'm sick of playing these games.

Schmidty begins to chuckle a wee bit.

But....i'm willing to keep em up. I'm willing to do this every....single....week...if I do not get MY REMATCH CLAUSE!

He pauses for a second but before he can continue, the stage explodes.


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Re: Who's the Fluke Again?

Post by Miztacular on Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:24 pm

As Schmidty stands tall in the ring, pyro explodes around the arena as Schmidty stands in the ring, not intimidated at all, simply smiling, knowing he's finally gotten the attention of Kane who comes out from the back suit and all, with the microphone as usual. Kane makes his way down the ramp with a steady pace as he gestures at the medical crew to stop moving Seoul up the ramp as he walks to the ring with a boiling red face of annoyance on his face as he stops at the bottom of the ring, looking deep into the eyes of Schmidty as he climbs onto the apron and into the ring, now looking across from Schmidty as he raises the microphone to his mouth.

If it were any other time of year... I'd let you do this, week in, week out, to no avail. But right now... I have plenty of more pressing matters on my mind than you and your petty moaning. But right now, I'm busy taking care of business, with DSD, with Sunshine and with his little sidekick. I don't have the time, or energy, to deal with your attempts to remain, relevant.

Using the facts, YOU are the fluke Schmidty, but I admire your persistence and so, I will, throw you a bone, you will have your rematch against Lorin Seoul, and it will be at Climb 2 Fame, but if you lose, you will not get another shot until he loses the strap. I do NOT, want to hear from you again Schmidty, for next time, it will not just be words you receive.

Kane, with a very disgruntled look on his face drops the microphone to the mat, before raising his arms into the air and slamming them back down as pyro once again erupts from the arena as Schmidty stares back at him as Kane leaves the ring, stopping at the bottom of the ramp next to the crippled body of Seoul still out on the stretcher, Kane looks back at Schmidty then back at Seoul before lifting Seoul up into the air and slamming him down for a chokeslam through the stretcher before walking off as his theme once again hits the PA system.

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