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Unmatched World Championship Open Challenge

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Unmatched World Championship Open Challenge

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:23 am

*Marko Punish's music blasts through the arena and walks out onto the stage huge cheers from the crowd, but he is not alone as he marches down to the ring as he has a referee in tow and a microphone in hand. Marko steps into the ring and begin to speak..*

Marko: Since  everyone  seems  to  be  fighting  amongst  themselves  since  Arrival  to  see  who my  next  opponent  will  be  for  my  title  and  Il grosso porco rosso  Kane  is  too  busy  trying  to  find  his  balls  instead  of  accepting  my  challenge  and  I  have  to  practically  hope  for  a  mircacle  to  get  booked  at  Climb  To  Fame  I'm  out  here  tonight  to  start  the  World  Championship  Open  Challenge! I  like  to  think  of  myself  as  a  fighting  champion  so  this  challenge  is  open  to  anyone  back  there  in  the  Unmatched  Locker  Room  who  has  the  guts  to  step  into  this  ring  and  take  me  on  one-on-one, from  the  lowest  of  lows  to  the  highest  of  highs,  first  come  first  served, venire a me ragazzi.

*Marko throws down the microphone and hands his title to the referee as he awaits his opponent...*

*First PROMO reply to thread gets a World Title Match on the next episode of Unmatched*

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Re: Unmatched World Championship Open Challenge

Post by PREDICTION KING on Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:33 am

As Marko and the fans await through the silence, the PA system lights up with...

And out comes Schmidty to a roar of boos from the crowd, ignoring the negative feedback of course. Still smiling from his work on Lorin last week. As he reaches the ring, he circles around to the ring crew to snatch a microphone before joining the big man in the ring.

Would you look at that. I don't believe we've met. My name's Schmidty. The Greatest Professional Wrestler on the Planet

Schmidty holds out his hand but Marko, being safe, doesn't shake it.

Mkay.....let's get down to business. You're calling anybody out. I'm not just anybody. I'm THE guy that's gonna take that belt off of you. Then....i'm gonna win back my European Championship. And all of these people and their mothers will look at me as the unstoppable force that I am. No more excuses. I'm not sick. My heads fine. And i'm ready....to skip a few steps and go right to the big dog, and expose you for the fraud you are.

Schmidty takes off his shirt and throws it over the ropes.

You're a fighting champion, but not a bright one.

Schmidty begins to stretch his legs on the turnbuckle. Before finally stepping off and getting in the champions face.

I'm a dangerous man Marko. And I accept your challenge. So for you...and everyone watching. Kane, find your balls and watch this too.......the Doctor....is about to hand out a big, giant dose.....of reality.


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