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The penultimate surprise.

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The penultimate surprise.

Post by Miztacular on Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:22 pm

Episode 10 of Intensity is kicked off to the sound of Big Johnny Sampsons theme as he strides out from the back in his luxurious suit and dapper black shades as always, Sampson, with a HUGE smile upon his face makes his way down the ramp and into the ring with a microphone at the ready as he takes to the ring for what potentially could be the final time as the General Manager of Intensity, but before he begins to talk, as always he swiftly removes his dank jet black shades and tucks them into his suit pocket before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Johnny Sampson:
Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a good run, it really had, but Climb 2 Fame is among us, the Fusion draft is on the horizon. I have done everything I can to make Intensity the BETTER brand when it comes to UnMatched and Intensity, and when Climb 2 Fame hits in two weeks time, it'll be my last show in charge, and as I've said, my replacement is more than suited for the role, I went through many huge names in wreslting, Paul Heyman, Chris Jericho, but then I thought, well actually, you'll see on the fallout of Climb 2 Fame when I address you all for the last time. As I know I have full belief that one of Intensity's trio will bring home the Money in the Bank briefcase and get one over UnMatched, but that's when it came to me. What has my strongest area been here in CMV? The Vixens division, look at what I've done to Fusion and Genesis I've turned the division from a shell into a legitimate scene where they are able to get two spots on a card, and so, to ensure that the final Pay Per View of my time in charge of Intensity is an absolute EPIC. I can now announce that the first ever Womens Money in the Bank match will take place, it will have the same rules as it's Male counterpart, six Vixens and the winner can cash in at any time she wants. But for this match we need fire, we need, INTENSITY. Which is why I've already HANDPICKED, the six names I want to see in Money in the Bank. All six of them have shown passion, they've shown fire and determination as they've fought to re-legitimize the Womens Intercontinental Championship belt which is why I couldn't be more honored to introduce the first six Vixens to complete in the first ever Womens Money in the Bank match....

The former two time Vixens Champion, Cassie Maverick, the former two time Womens Intercontinental Champion, Sophia Caldwell, TWO former CMV Womens Intercontinental Champions in Dawn Bryan and Ashleigh Infinitee, and two up and comers in Alice Blake and Rachel Grant. Just look at last weeks episode of UnMatched, the promo they cut, the passion they brought to the table, the brawl that ensued, they are the perfect members for this match, containing a perfect blend of top stars, people who are almost there, and up and comers in what should be an amazing match. However this is not the only announcement I have tonight regarding the Vixens Division. A Number One Contenders Match will take place, between two rivals, Kristen Page and Raven Skye, and the winner will go on to fight Dirty Diana at Climb 2 Fame, now. I'm full aware neither Vixen is fully fit, Raven suffering a beatdown from Page last week following her win over Diana, and being beaten down in a 2 on 1 situation at Arrival, while Kristen just took a beating from Kane on UnMatched. However due to them not being fully fit, this match will show who has the heart and determination the NEED, the WANT to have that shot.

The Crowd leap to their feet with this announcement the roar of excitement near enough tearing throw the roof as Sampson lets off a smirk admiring his work, however as he goes to raise the microphone to his mouth, his new phone rings in his front pocket, he pulls out a nice new Motorola flip phone and raises the phone to his ear, nodding as he listens to whoever is on the other end, after a minute or so goes by, Sampson hangs up the phone and puts it back into his pocket before continuing to talk.

Johnny Sampson:
Well ladies and Gentlemen! Your new General manager just got back to me, if you remember last week before I was so rudely interrupted I was on the phone looking to have the new GM make their first decision as General Manager, and it was on who Zack Starr should face in his contenders match, well Starr, you have your answer, as next week you'll take on the man who beat Aaron Waite last week, on his birthday, WENDELL GRACE in a number one contenders match! But now people, this has been great, and I'll see you one last time on Intensity in the fallout of Climb 2 Fame, but until then, I'll make intensity the best it can be.

Johnny Sampson drops the microphone in the center of the ring as his theme hits the PA system while he leaves the ring to make his way up the ramp, ending tonights opening segment.

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