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Seeing in Black and White

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Seeing in Black and White

Post by Miztacular on Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:26 pm

As UnMatched comes back from commercial following following the CMV Womens Intercontinental Championship match in which the belt once again changed hands as Samantha Steel pinned Ashleigh Infinitee to retain the belt she won at Arrival. A  Vixen stands in the center of the ring, a microphone in hand and at first glance she seems unrecognizable but as the camera switches to the hard camera it becomes known to the world that it is indeed Sophia Caldwell standing tall in the ring, a new attire featuring zero color as she looks straight at the hard camera, a look of intent upon her face as she raises the microphone to her mouth as the crowd begin to cheer for one of the biggest baby faces in the Vixens division today.

Sophia Caldwell:
You know what, all of you can just shut it! I don't want to hear your cheers of false hope, NOT ANYMORE!

The crowd begins to simmer down, somewhat confused at Caldwells sudden change of tone, she looks around the arena menacingly before she presses on, the microphone still raised to her mouth.

Sophia Caldwell:
Enough is Enough, I have had it with your cheers, your chants, everything about each and everyone of YOU, it's all false hope, it doesn't mean anything, it didn't help me. Lets take a look shall we, what has listening to all of you FOOLS really done for me, alright sure I was the longest reigning Womens IC Champion, but that's not exactly difficult and that was all me, none of you helped me win, you're all irrelevant. Sitting around here, being the lovable nice girl has got me nothing, IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE!

As the crowd hear this, they start to show their distaste, booing the former two time CMV Womens Intercontinental Champion, but at this point she doesn't care, she simply smiles as she continues to talk.

Sophia Caldwell:
Just shut up... Boo me, cheer me, at the end of the day your place in this arena is irrelevant. Change has happened, whether you like it or not, this is not the same Caldwell you once knew, the same Caldwell you once loved. Being good for you people, it did nothing for me, being a colorful face, it did nothing. I discovered this world is only colorful if you're lucky, if you get it is, but for many it is just black and white. I didn't need to see this world through a complex series of color, as it has only made me understand what a disgusting place it is, where heart and determination is overlooked by looks and name value. Not here, not in my world. How do these people think that they can come in here, come into a division where I have been fighting for almost a year, and get into the Title picture before me, Cassie Maverick is seemingly leapfrogging me, and as you all know, HALO resigned last week and I doubt they'll just sit and wait for a shot, I doubt they'll have to earn it. Well I'm taking a stand, NOBODY is leapfrogging me in this division, there's no getting around me, you have to go through me, there will be no stopping me.  Whether it's Cassie Maverick, "One Shot" Leona, CJ Havret, hell even Jade Dynamite when she returns from the injury she obtained earlier tonight. You best look out because all of you who think you're better than me, you'll have to prove it, but this ain't the same old Caldwell, I'm going to take you all down and beat you senseless, until all you see is Black and White, just... like... me.

Against the plethora of boo's Sophia Caldwell simply stands in the center of the ring, raising her hand into the air and looking into the hard camera with a look of intent.

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Re: Seeing in Black and White

Post by 316topher on Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:52 pm


HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY HEY HEY HEYYY Hit's the PA system the fans boo again as Dawn Bryan comes out with a mic in hand and gets ready to talk....

Dawn : That's fine guys i deserved to be boo'ed with my previous actions, but let me address you Sophia Caldwell... I said from day one when you stole my Intercontinental Championship from me that you was fake.... I guess we're seeing your true colours now, and how appropriate seeing how colourful you once were from your entrance to your attire.. Now look at you your true true colours have emerged and it's dark, bitter and damn right ugly But i was right all along you never cared about anything or anyone but your god damn self. These people respected you and you spit in each and everyone of their faces, you've tried to copy me since day one ever since  you joined CMV and yea you may have beaten me, but this Canadian girl is all heart, and although i was set in my ways, i was never fake, i told people how it was and will continue to do so. You Sophia are nothing, you never was and you never will be. These fans sure as hell don't need someone as selfish as you.

The fans start applauding Dawn, in a bizarre twist in the evening.

Dawn : You see the fans here tonight get it, and i bet the fans worldwide get it too whether they be live in person or watching it on the CMV network, they get it. So now you have this new attitude, this new look but you talk about change..... somethings may change, but me and you will never change, i will never like you, i will never respect you and mark my words when it comes to us we will always be enemies. You can name every Vixen on the roster but Sophia, there's a reason why you didn't say my name..... The reason being is you're scared of me, scared of what i will do to your pretty little face. scared that i will be the one to rise to fame while you hit rock bottom. 
But I agree it's time for a change, and this change starts tonight, i'm coming for you Sophia and when we face off these fans that you turned your back on will be the last ones laughing as you lay on your back looking up to the rafters wishing you had never laid eyes on me, Sophia Caldwell....... tick tock....tick tock..... Time is running out, there's no running.... there's no hiding.... There's only room for one of us.... and it aint you.

The fans start chanting for Dawn as Dawn and Sophia look at each other with pure hatred.

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