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The Devi's Monster is Here

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The Devi's Monster is Here

Post by ANGELS4EVER70 on Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:05 pm

*The Dark Room is where we are that we heard the voices, but no voices are heard except for the one of Zodiak*

sorrow walks these wicked streets,
fear crawling like the dark
the stench of torture heavy in the air.
nefarious our lord and king
as death sits upon the throne
ruled by hatred and the feelings of despair.

*Camera Screens goes crazy with graphic pictures*

damp and empty is the cobblestone
in their houses they all hide
the dawn to break another suffered day.
intolerance the breakfast fed
torment brewing on the fire
bringing out the screams of skin now flayed.

*The same graphic pictures flashing on the screen*

noon ushers in the funeral pyres
with the heinous scent of smoldering flesh
evil are the caws of hungry crows.
the devil our new magistrate
his loathsome laughter echoes loud
followed by the sound of deadly blows.

*Same flashing pictures on the screen*

dare no man stand to cry aloud
such bitter injustice brought to bear
water runs the wells a bloody red.
gone missing are whole families
taken by the wretched few
leaving in the windows only heads.

*A Picture of Hell is seen as the picture molds into fire*

as men stand by and idly watch
the bloody reckoning begins
another day of Satan's fearsome rule.
it seems the savior stands alone
as not one follower has he
belief wasted on the eyes of lesser fools.

*The Skull of Zodiak appears as the White eyes of the monster appear*
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