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The Bringers Of Despair :!:

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The Bringers Of Despair :!:

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:47 am

*We  are  brought  to  a  familiar  room  not  seen  for  months  now,  lit  only  by  candles  and  the  dim  light  of  the  camera  with  eerie  music  playing.  The  camera  slowly  zoom's  out  to  reveal  the  burning  mask  of  Eclipse  as  we  hear  footsteps  and  suddenly  see  a  foot  stamp  down  on  the  mask  causing  it  to  shatter  to  pieces.  At  that  exact  moment  the  camera  quickly  zoom's  out  to  reveal  two  sets  off  feet  on  either  side  of  the  mask  and  the  eerie  music  suddenly  cuts  to  The  Bringers  Of  Despairs Music  as  the  camera  pans  up  to  reveal  the  Tag  Team  Champions*

Vincent Trowel: When  we  made  our  debut  in  CMV  we  were  thought  of  as  jokes!

Christian Shaw: Nothing  but  mere  puppets  of  a  madman!

Vincent: A  man  who  thought  himself  some  sort  of  god!

Christian: But  Eclipse you  are  no  god,  you  are  a  mere  mortal!

Vincent: A  mortal  who  ran  to  the  hill's  when  the  times  got  tough!

Christian: But  we  relish  the  bad  times  and  since  your  departure  we  have  become  stronger  than  ever!

Vincent: Since  your  departure  we  have  brought  wrath,  destruction  and  Despair  upon  the  CMV  Universe!

Christian: We  are  no  longer  slaves  to  the  so  called  "Moon  God", we have severed the chains!

Vincent: We  are  now  the  masters!

Christian: And  much  to  the  despair  of  the locker  room  we  have  become  the  most  successful  tag  team  in  Unmatched  History!

Vincent: We  have  carved  our  name's  into  the  stone  of  history!

Christian: And  we  have  only  just  begun  our  work!

Vincent: We  welcome  the  next  challengers  who  dare  cross  our  path!

Christian: For  those  who  seek  glory  shall  be  struck  down  to  their  knees  and  they  will only know....

Both In Unison: DESPAIR!

*The Bringers laugh manically as the camera pans down to Eclipses shattered mask, still on fire as camera fades to black and Unmatched cuts to commercial.*

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