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Dazed & Confused

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Dazed & Confused

Post by 316topher on Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:15 pm

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After a hard week for Top’s Newsome starting with a victory over Zack Starr on Intensity and then a 30+ min battle with Gavin Extreme at Arrival…. Tops and Tia are walking backstage after his PPV win.

Tops : What was that? Who the hell was he, he thinks I’m intimidated by this giant, I don’t think so. I didn’t back down, I never back down and he realized after he threw Gavin out of the ring and got in my face, I showed him that if he’s gonna try anything  then I’ll continue where I left off on Gavin, and show this monster how The Puppet Master deals with puppets.

Tia : Well Top’s I’m checking on my phone, seems like this guy is called Zodiak. Like it matters, after you stood your ground, he soon vanished.

Top’s : Well I aint got time for him, I’m the Television Champ, the best damn Television Champ… I defeated the longest reigning Television Champ 4 times now. Although we do put on good matches, he went too far, he was trying to end my career, not cool, not cool at all using No Strings Attached 2x on me. I had to go in tonight’s match battered and bruised, I wasn’t at 100% if I was, I would have ended it much sooner, But Gavin kept on coming, yea he was relentless, you could say he was extreme, he kept hitting me with his finisher, i was dazed and confused, but I guess I busted him open up good too as he was slow in pinning me, maybe I hit him too hard…. But bottom line is I retained my title.

Tia : Yea but once again you showed the entire CMV universe, that you can take a beating and still come back and hit No Strings Attached for the win.

Tops: But ya see, now I have to recover, get myself ready and able for the triple threat MITB qualifier, I need this. I have a second chance, but it’s not going to be easy, Bull beat me in that 64 man tournament, he has to pay for that. Then there’s Chris Adams who is returning but as we know I can beat legends…. On my debut I pinned Justin Sane, or how about my mystery opponent at Redemption Road in Dave Skylark…. So Adam’s get ready because 1 thing is certain I’ll be ready and heading into the  MITB match where I will once again climb my way to success….. You’re looking at the next Global Champion ……No Strings Attached.

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