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Voice Vindy; The Beginning

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Voice Vindy; The Beginning

Post by Tim on Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:53 pm

Standing in a empty hallway with a camera man before him is the one, the only, Rex Carter, his mullet, shining brightly in the well lit corridor of the current Intensity venue. He smiles to the camera and fixes his mustache.

Rex Carter
We ready?

You're on.

Rex Carter
Hello, CMV Universe and a fine A-Huh to you, as tonight I'm standing before the newest CMV Signee for the Intensity roster, Voice Windy!

The camera pans to Rex' left slightly and shows a tall man, with an enormous forehead. His short, messy raven hair sticking up in every direction. A displeased look on his face. He has a scar trailing from his upper brow, down the left side of his nose and to the corner of his mouth and another on his left cheek. His arms were crossed as to say: " I don't wanna be here right now. " He looks over to Rex Carter slowly, using only his eyes to show his annoyance.

Voice Windy
You fucking idiot, it's Voice Vindy.

Rex Carter
Oh sorry! I uh... haven't had much time as a personality.

Voice Windy Vindy
Don't let it happen again.

Rex Carter
Dood... Fuck you...

Voice Vindy
What was that!?

Rex Carter
You heard me, now tell us about yourself before you piss me off.

Voice Vindy, dumbstruck by this man's complete lack of professionalism, could not think of the proper retort, insulting him would do nothing, threatening would have no affect... Voice was better off just answering this clearly nutso man's request.

Voice Vindy
My name is Voice Vindy, I'm from Detroit, former street fighter, saw there was some money to be made in this wrestling business. Take a bump here, take a bump there, get payed. Trainers said I was pretty good, should try harder they said. So I did. One of the most well known independent in the North East. Now I'm here in CMV. Going to make it big. Make even more money. I don't do it for the sport, I do it because there's paper to make.

Rex Carter
Wow... How incredibly interesting...

Voice Vindy
I saw a tweet from fellow debuting CMV signee DOC. While he insists on wishing me luck. I don't need it, he does. My success is predestined, his success never existed. Let's not meet in the locker room, DOC, you'll regret it.

Voice walks out of the shot as the camera pans back over to Rex who is standing there, making a very unflattering face to Voice's back.

Rex Carter
He ain't even good...
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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