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The Final Spot.

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The Final Spot.

Post by Miztacular on Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:29 pm

Kicking off tonights episode of Friday Night Intensity we hear the sound of the Fusion, Genesis and Intensity General Managers Theme hit the PA System, it's Johnny Sampson, who struts on out from the back, a mic in hand, his suave grey suit on as usual topped off with his dapper jet black shades which he slowly removes, tucking them in his jacket pocket, as he looks up into the sky with his arms stretched out, soaking in the cheers of the crowd for few brief moments before straightening up his suit and walking down the ramp towards the ring. His face lit up and the lights shine down on him as he rises up the steel steps onto the apron and through the ropes into the ring his arms once again spread out wide amongst the cheers of this packed crowd as he comes to a halt in the center of the ring, and slowly he raises the microphone to his mouth to begin speaking.

Johnny Sampson:
As you all know now, Climb 2 Fame, in just over a month, will be my final Show as the General Manager of Intensity before I shift my full focus over to Fusion and Genesis, you're all probably wondering who'll be my replacement and do not fear, It's already been determined and I can assure you all, he's the right man for the job, with existing General Manager experience. However, this is not why I'm out here today, you see, I want to make sure Climb 2 Fame is the greatest show ever as my final show in charge of Intensity. As much as dislike Kane and UnMatched, they've got some decent names in the hat for their side of Money in the Bank. As of now, representing Intensity we have the up and comer, the fastest rising talent in this Industry, Logan Hail, and with our second qualification match taking place tonight between Omega Lee and Erik Bolstad, we're sure to have two fantastic picks going into this years Money in the Bank. This comes down to our third and final spot. I thought for Ages who deserved this qualifier, I thought of giving it to many big names, but then I realized, building Main Event talent is important for our future, but I cannot just hand it to them, they need to fight for it. Which is why I decided... On a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! With a fantastic mix of competitors. You know what I'm going to do for you all? I'm not even going to make you wait, as I'm going to announce the three competitors.... RIGHT NOW!!!

The crowd leaps to their feet with excitement and anticipation the roars echoing around the stadium as Johnny Sampson lowers the mic allowing the crowd to let their excitement be heard, and as the crowd starts to simmer down, Sampson once again begins to talk.

Johnny Sampson:
So I thought to myself, what elevates talent, what causes them to rise to the occasion. A challenge, a daring challenge, a tough challenge. How tough? Well, the first man in this triple threat is, the former, Two Time CMV World Champion! The former Television Champion! One of the very few men, to beat BROCK LESNAR! CHRIS ADAMS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Johnny Sampson steps back with a smile on his face listening to the cheers of the crowd as the long awaited fan favorite looks to return once again following a shoulder injury at the CMV Live Event in London, Adams' music plays for a brief moment throughout the stadium before being cut off by the sound of Sampsons voice.

Johnny Sampson:
Up next, for the second competitor in this match, I thought to myself, who's been a fan favourite for a long time, who's halfway up the ladder? Who's being kept from greatness by that hypothetical glass ceiling, well, it's none other than the current Television Champion TOPS NEWSOME!

Johnny Sampson:
This guy has been amongst the top ever since he made his debut BEATING Justin Sane and this could finally be his chance to breakthrough that glass ceiling and be in the Main Event, he failed in his first shot, and now he has a second chance, not many get that, he cannot afford to waste it. But finally! The last man in this Triple Threat match, has been around here since the beginning of the season, he's got all the talent in the world as a performer and a strong crowd backing, and this could well be his much needed opportunity to make it into the Main Event, ladies and Gentlemen It's STRONGMAN BULL!

Graphics of all three men appear on the titantron as Bulls theme slowly fades out, the crowd absolutely PUMPED at this announcement as Johnny Sampson continues to take it all in before raising the microphone to his mouth just once more.

Johnny Sampson:
So there you have it folks, these three men will have the chance to earn their spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match in just two weeks time, the fallout of Arrival. Everybody who went on to win the briefcase in history went on to become a Champion, and these three men ALL ha--

Johnny Sampson looks over to the stage with an eyebrow raised in curiosity as the theme of Eric Matthews cuts off his speech, the former two time CMV World Champion and TV Champion makes his way out from the back with a mic in his hand and his finger raised, gesturing for Sampson to hold on a second as Eric Matthews raises the microphone to his mouth.

Eric Matthews:
Hold on, hold on just one second there Johnny. I don't buy this good guy attitude AT ALL, you go to Fusion and Genesis, make the show great and then suddenly you come back all nice? No no no I see right through it, you have something hidden. I mean you said you didn't want to feed these future main eventers wins, to make them fight for it? But then you give them Chris Adams, A man who hasn't stepped into this ring since March, and a man who hasn't won since February. Evidently he's not the same man he was when he beat Lesnar! What's your reasons for putting him in here? He's a former two time Champ? I'M A FORMER TWO TIME CHAMP! He's a former TV Champ? I'M A FORMER TV CHAMP. But unlike Adams, I didn't lay out injured for months on end, I had severe concussions and I stayed, I kept fighting against your buddy Aaron Waite, you're little chosen one. My resume is just as good as Adams, except, I'm still relevant! I don't take time off, I don't get injured. I'll keep on coming, I'll keep on fighting I'M HERE TO STAY!

The crowd leaps to their feet in support of Eric Matthews chanting "put him in, put him in, put him in" Matthews stares down at Sampson in the ring and once again raises the mic to his mouth.

Eric Matthews:
Prove to me you've changed Sampson, you know I can beat Waite, so prove you'd do the RIGHT thing and turn this triple threat match into a fatal four way, show the world that you're not the same old slimy wretch who's content on protecting HIS guy, put someone you know can beat him within a chance of making it into the Money in the Bank! You want to make your future Main Eventers look good, nothing says the future like beating a VETERAN from day one of UnMatched! A man who's been to the top on two occasions a man who's always at his best. What do you say Johnny?

The camera pans over to Johnny Sampson who lets off a sharp smile as he raises the microphone to his mouth.

Johnny Sampson:
That's some fair points Matthews, it is indeed, but you see, I can't just GIVE you a shot because you demanded it, by that logic anyone can do as such, so you know what I'll do Matthews, I'll throw you a bone, you want in, you're going to have to earn it, I'm not just going to hand you it. You say you can beat the Global Champion on ANY night? Well, next week, on the go home show you'll prove it, as you face Aaron Waite ONE on ONE in the Main Event and IF you win, and prove me wrong, then in the Fallout of Arrival you will participate in a fatal fourway match to determine who will go on to take up the final spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

The crowd continues to burn red hot as Johnny Sampson and Eric Matthews look at eachother across the arena, both men with a smile across their face however before the segment can close the cheers of the crowd are interrupted by the theme of another man, who has formerly won the Television Championship.

The camera zooms into Matthews' face as he turns behind him, only for a boot to fly into the scene dropping Matthews onto the steel stage, but it's not Zack Starr, it's Ricky Spanish, still without a contract, the crowds cheers suddenly turn to boo's as Ricky Spanish picks up the microphone and looks down at a startled Johnny Sampson with a cocky smile.

Ricky Spanish:
All this talk of Aaron Waite? But he doesn't have the REAL belt, he's still walking around with that crappy CMV Store replica ever since my BOII and I stole the real one at Redemption Road, that still burning Johnny? I bet that grinds you real deep doesn't it, knowing that your brand is topped by a replica belt. Well, speaking of all this money in the bank talk. When Zack Starr goes on to WIN the qualification tournament on UnMatched, and then WIN the briefcase at Climb 2 Fame, he'll make his unofficial reign, OFFICIAL. The Sequel of Zack Starrs title reign will become a reality as he rolls the credits on your little sidekick Aaron Waite and ends his reign, all while you're watching from Fusion, with it all out of your control. Think fast Johnny Boy!

Ricky Spanish points out at Sampson, who slowly turns around into a SUPERKICK from Zack Starr to the dismay of the crowd. The former Television Champion stands tall over the General Manager with the REAL Global Championship held high in the air as he smiles into the crowd while the camera fades to black.

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