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Post by Tim on Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:35 am

Ringname: DOC
Other Names: Brazilian Hotshot
Fullname: Daniel Osiris Campton
Birthdate: July 24th, 1986 (Age 32)
Birthplace: Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Billed From: Fort Wayne, Indiana

DOC is a american professional wrestler currently signed to CMV's developmental territory. Campton has wrestled all over the United States as well as Brazil and Japan.

Early Life |
Campton was born to Howard and Júlia Campton (ne' Oliveira). His father, a Veteran and his mother a native of Paraty. In 1986, Daniel Campton was born. He watched the professional wrestler Tiger Mask growing up and idolized him greatly. Years later, Campton would pursue a wrestling career of his own.

Wrestling Career |

Independent Circuit

Campton wrestled in Brazil as soon as he could. Crafting his style in the ring he became known for his deadly arsenal of kicks and high-flying offence.. After 5 years wrestling for BWF and winning the BWF Championship twice and the tag titles once, he would move to Japan and wrestle there for 7 years where he would go on to win multiple IWGP championship. Campton would be given the name the Brazilian Hotshot by the press as his in ring work proved that he was the most talented professional wrestler out of Brazil. Scouts from CMV noticed Campton's talent and offered him a contract in 2018. After much deliberation from Campton he would sign with CMV and begin training in their developmental territory.

Debuting in CMV Intensity
DOC made his debut against Bryan Sanders and in an intense match, DOC would pick up the win.

Style |
Campton utilizes kicks and high-flying offence to devastate and disorient his opponents.

Personal Life |
Campton enjoys long walks on the beach with his girlfrend. In a shoot interview, Campton joked about how bless he is that he's never been injured despite many of the in-ring risks he makes during his matches.

Campton; circa 2010 wrote:" I've done some crazy [stuff] in that ring,
it's a blessing I've never been too terribly hurt, y'know? "

In Wrestling |

    - Finishers
Fatality (BWF/IGWP)/Roudhouse (Intensity) (Roundhouse kick; 2016 to present)
Deep Impact (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press; 2016 to present)

    - Signatures
Corner Trap Chest Kicks (2006 to present)
Brazilian Brain Buster (2006 to present)

Championship & Accomplishments |
BWF Brazilian Champion (2 time)
BWF Tag Champion (1 time) (w/ Kafu)
IWGP Heavyweight Champion (2 time)
IWGP Intercontinental Champion (5 time)
Open the Triangle Gate Champion (1 time)

(This CAW belongs to Kevin Nash aka HolyBatman)

Tim LaFave (Genesis)
Nick Blake (Fusion)
Shiloh Gray (Fusion)
Voice Vindy (Fusion)
Aerora (Ferocity)

Credit to Aaron for the avatar.
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