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CAW BIO: The Blood Brothers

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CAW BIO: The Blood Brothers

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:15 pm

Tag team name: The Blood Brothers
Combined weight: 720lbs
Tag Finisher: Samoan Airstrike (More Bang)

Real name: Kalelo Jason
Ring name: Grid
D.O.B: 8/8/1988
Height: 7’2
Weight: 385lbs
Status: Tweener (leaning more towards heel)
Birthplace: The Isle of Samoa
Accolades: -NCW Ring Regent,
                 - 2x NCW Universal champion.
Allies: Fury, Animal, Lovely Lewis
Enemies: N/A
Signatures: Titan Fall (Very European Uppercut 2) Thunderdrome (Claw slam)
Finishers: Razorback Charge (Spear 1), Pacific Thunder (Military Press Oklahoma Slam)

Real name: Keon Jason
Ring name: Animal
D.O.B: 27/6/1990
Height: 6’7
Weight: 335lbs
Status: Tweener (leaning more towards face)
Birthplace: The Isle of Samoa
Accolades: -reached the rank of Oezki in the top division of professional sumo
                  -Former 3x Open Weight Amateur Sumo champion
Allies: Fury, Grid, Lovely Lewis
Enemies: N/A
Signatures: Slipped Disks (Alabama Slam), Knock Knock(Texas Jab)
Finishers: Samoan Driver , Avalanche (Earthquake Splash)

Despite sharing a father, Animal and Grid have different styles when it came to training for the squared circle. Grid focused more on ruthless aggression while Animal took the path of going into Amateur Sumo before he was called up to become a professional.
Grid was having a sub-pair singles run in CMV, his biggest moment being the first man to pin Headhunter, he decided to try his luck in the Tag division. He needed a partner so he made a call to one of the only people he could trust with his career, his younger half brother Animal. Animal accepted the offer and quickly signed onto Fusion/Genesis. Animal being the more approachable and social of the two, acts as the mouth of the team.

My CAW's:
Fury-2x CMV Vixens Champion 1x CMV Womens IC Champion
Grid & Animal- The Blood Brothers- 1xTornado Tag Champions

Gavin 'Extreme' Wheeler- The Wanderers -1XTag Team Champion with THE BISH
Jenny Wheeler

Takeshi Matsumoto- New Orient Express -1xTag Team Champion with Mr Showtime
Mr. Black
Lady Maria Del La Cruz

The Alpha Female FURY
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