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CAW BIO: Bob Warren

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CAW BIO: Bob Warren

Post by Master Ogon on Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:11 am

Name : Bob Warren
Height: 6"4
Weight: 255
Age: 24
Gimmick: He just wants to make wrestling great again, when he saw the people here, he knew they need him, he is always talking about how great his body is, and how much talent he has. He wants to inspire, the fat, lazy losers of this company to join his training camp. He often iinsults the fans, and other wrestlers about there body, and how they should become like him. (Hes a heel)

Backstory: He was born in an active crime filled city, with only his father. His father was also a wrestler, he looked up to him. He started watching wrestling at a early age, he considered the faces his heros, and the heels are villians. He got in fights rapidly in school, he won most of them. By the age of 10, he begged his father to train him to become a wrestler, he accepted. He worked out with his father, learning basic moves here and there.

He soon made it to highschool, his ego got huge, he often insulted other kids about there body, he stoped the bullys, but he became one to. He often flirted with other girls, he had about 7 girlfriends throughout his time in highschool. His father was getting older, he could no longer support his family, it was time for bob to lace up his boots. In his first match, he lost via roll up, enraged with this lost, he attacked the man with the chair. He stayed into this company for 4 years, even on the last year holding all 3 belts! But, then he got called up to a bigger company.....
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