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CAW BIO: 'The Outsider' Alexander Barker

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CAW BIO: 'The Outsider' Alexander Barker

Post by Master Ogon on Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:08 pm

Height: 6'8
Weight: 287
Style: Hardcore Junkie and Strong Style ( I mean grapples and all of that, not the shinsuke nakamura style)
Alliance: Heel.
Entrance Theme: American Horror Story Theme - - Cesar Davila Irizarry and Charlie Clouser
Age: 23

Bio: A disturbed man, he knows only that of destruction, he cares not of his own body, only destroying the people in the  ring, even if there allies, or foes. When stared at, he only gets madder, he commonly talks to himself during his matches, and the way down to the ring. He will break the rules whenever possible, just to hurt the person in the match more. He almost enjoys pain, he laughs sometimes when he is even hit, finding it funny. He does not talk much, when he is mad he would attack anyone, and everyone.

Allies: None
Rivals: None

Backstory: As a child he was born into a poor, disturbed family that got argued rapidly, his house was in a middle of no where, he learnt everything from his mother, he never met anyone else other than his family, he made up fake friends, people who were not there, but he would talk to them to comfort them. Even when he was a child, he was born of a big size, His family always talked about monsters, beasts, supernatural beings that were haunting them. His father died around the age of 11, only leaving him and his 2 sisters. His sisters always played pranks on their brother, he loved them greatly, he always laughed when he got hurt, like it did not even effect him? One day, one of his sisters did not return back from "the town" the other sister seemingly saw her, talking to an invisible being that she called "sister". Despite being taught by only his mother and his 2 sisters,  he knew all the basics about living. One day his mother got sick, this was when he was the age of 16 she could not move any part of her body, she could hear and watch, but she mostly just stared at the wall, it was up to him and his sister to go to this so called "town" that they never went to, and were only told about by their parents, who said it was a crooked place filled with fighting. He went to buy food and supplies to live with his sister, instead of going back home with his sister, he stayed back at the town, seeing a broken down wrestling ring, with barbed wire around it. He walked up to an old man that owned it, the old man told him of the fights that went on there, that could give great money to those in it, he signed up thinking he would give a better life to his family. His first fight went like this, he would get beat up rapidly, not striking back, just laughing back at the other mans attempt to punch him, then picking him up by his neck, and choke slamming him outside the ring into barbed wire. He did this everyday they went back to the crooked town, which was run down, with people talking about the end days rapidly, he took attention to all of this, he started to fight more and more, becoming more and more agressive, and having more fun while doing so while fighting. His bother soon passed away, when he was the age of 19, after all the fighting and training he did, he had a large frame, and muscles to go along with it. His mother passed, it was left to the Brother and Sister to take care of all that was left. He still talked with the voices in his head, after a while he began seeing his fallen sister like his other sister. One day he heard echos in the voice, then a scream, a large fire had bursted into the house for no known reason, he was able to escape, but his sister was not. With him being alone with the voices in his head, he spent all the rest of his money to get more training in the sport of wrestling, from the hardcore junkies in the old ring where he fought, after a while he came in contact with another federation which was interested in his strange abilities....
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