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Match Regulations

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Match Regulations

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 12, 2015 5:26 pm

I was thinking this through thoroughly, and I came up with an idea.

You know how we have tag matches run on fast pace, so it doesn't drag on with 10,000 finishers hit and still no definitive ending.

We should have certain matches be put onto slow/normal/fast. For Example: Blood-feuds that are long lasting between two people or more should be contested in a lengthy match-up.

Each match should have it's own speed to fit the stipulation given, rather than only (tag matches)

Do you guys agree with this proposition or no?

It'll be beneficial to multiple story arcs in Communiverse recently.


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Re: Match Regulations

Post by Twyztad on Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:49 pm

The thing with this though is some matches have to be run on certain speeds. Like I've said before, its not like Epic/Normal/Quick from previous games, the system we have this year affects regeneration across the board and that's about it. In Epic, it lowered body damage done and decreased the amount of momentum gained from a move, none of that is prevalent this year. 

Cage matches, Ladder matches, Submission matches, Last Man Standing matches, I Quit matches, and Tag Team matches need to be on fast, some for a different reason than others. For Ladder and Cage matches, the more stamina they have the longer they stay down (I don't know why). 

So the quicker into the match they get hit with a finisher, the easier it'll be to end the match. Submission matches, LMS, and I Quit primarily focus on the stamina, and putting it on Fast allows the AI to bounce up quicker (it also causes their health to regenerate faster, allowing them to last longer). Putting Submission/Last Man Standing/I Quit on Slow will only result in a 5 minute match and putting Cage/Ladder on Slow will result in a 30+ minute match. 

Fast is the best result to increase/decrease the time it takes to finish a match. As for Tag Team, well I'm sure we've all seen what happens when you put that on something other than Fast and you aren't controlling the action.

I would say for them to keep doing the way they are now and save suggestions like this for Season 2, where hopefully the new engine will be more polished and the AI will be far improved. If its better than this year, then I'd certainly be down for this.
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Re: Match Regulations

Post by Red Chocolate on Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:44 pm

My sub idea > dashing is just being a jerk.

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Re: Match Regulations

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