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Peeping Wolf

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Peeping Wolf

Post by Rage on Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:41 pm

Fury found her man backstage and told him of what Schmidty thought of her, Lovely Lewis, and how he was gonna walk out on their match.

"Motherfucker! That sackless pussy piece of shit is gonna chicken out and watch a damn game!? Schmidty best be joking or I swear I'm gonna shove his title belt straight up his boy pussy!"

There was flash of RAGE that Lady Lisa knew all too well but she knew how to keep it check and touched his arm to calm him down. The last thing they needed was to release the darker side of his soul. Not yet, only when the time was right would that psychotic power be unleashed.

"Thanks. This best not end up being a handicap match or I swear there's gonna be some serious hell to pay and I'll take it out on the Sackless Wonder myself."

Lovely Lewis then exits the locker room, leaving Lady Lisa behind. Little did he know that another superstar was about to enter that room without knocking, catching Lady Lisa changing her attire for the tag team match coming up next...

(Open to Wolffe)

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