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Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Sun May 08, 2016 10:08 am

Real name: Lisa  'Link' Fisher

Ring name: ‘Mad Dog’ Fury, The Urban Warrior

Other Nicknames: -The Bitch in Black
                                 -The Toughest Bitch in CMV,
                                  - The Slayer of Dreams
                                 -Baddest Bitch in CMV

D.O.B: 15/5/1993

FROM: The other side of darkness (billed from)
              Douglas, Isle of Man (actually from)

ACCOLADES: 3x NCW Womens Champion
                       2x CMV Vixens champion
Trained by: -Johnny Rodz
                    -Shinsuke Nakamura
                    -Bill Goldberg
       -Stone Cold

ALLIES: Grid, Animal, Lovely Lewis

ENEMIES: Cassie, Most of the Vixens Division

PERSONALITY: in the ring she’s ruthless and brutal not afraid to resort to dirty tricks. Not afraid to call people out on their bullshit, Fury can talk tough and can back it up. Rarely a match goes by without Fury flipping her opponent off.

THEME: -Wish I had an Angel by Nightwish (old)
              -I Am.... All of Me by Crush 40 (old)
              -Crush'Em by Megadeth (currently)

OTHER NOTES: -Acts as manger for her husband Lovely Lewis on Unmatched under the name Lady Lisa.

-Thanks to her temper and backstage rampages, Fury has been permanently exiled from the Vixens locker room and now has to use the boiler room as a locker room.

-Fury seems to have a habit of suplexing her opponents neck first into the ropes.

Fury is the latest persona for Link Fisher, while she has been in CMV for a while now, Fusion isn’t the first promotion she has wrestled in. Furys wrestling career started 4 years ago in NCW, under the name Link Fisher she lost her debut against NCW’s womens champion. Despite that lost she won the title a month later and had a long title reign.

She wasn’t alone in NCW, she had allies in the form of Grid and in was during that time she started a relationship Lovely Lewis who was going by the ring name Rage at the time. This relationship caused a little trouble with Grid, who clashed with Rage for a long while. And that was when Furys most hated foe first shown her face, Suey was brought in as acting GM of NCW and made Furys life hell after the champion turned down her advances. A long heated War erupted between the two, Suey taking the Womens title away from Fury with the help of her Working Girls, luckly Link was able to win the title back from Suey twice.

Finally the true owner of NCW Lovely Lewis fired Suey from GM but allowed her continue wrestling in the promotion. Link and Suey would continue to clash, leading to many backstage and in ring altercations. One incident Link giving Suey amnesia after she senton’d Suey from the top of the titantron, leading to Suey to think she was best friends with Link and trying to impersonate her.

But Link new that this new attitude from Suey was a rouse, and the two were back to fighting each other.

Wanting a new start and to get away from Suey, Link joined CMV taking up the name Fury. She started allying herself with Cassie Maverick to help against FEAR. Fury often accompanying Cassie at ringside. She stuck by Cassie during  the cow girls first Vixens Champion run, till Fury won the title during a 6 woman hell in a cell match. At first the two supported each other till Cassie won the title back at Dark Carnival, Fury then took a dark turn feeling pissed off of being seen as nothing more than a tag along to Cassie and being humiliated by her. Fury then turned against Cassie and siding with FEAR, with FEAR making a deal to help Fury get the Title back.

Fury won the title back, but it was a controversial win since the iron woman match ended after only one pin-fall. Still she was now in her second reign as Vixens Champ, Fury was constantly hounded by the rest of the division who all wanted a shot at her and her title.

Most of her lastest matches were against the odds, mostly triple threats and tag teams, and she faced a lot of loses because of it. Still each time brought the Fight to her opponents proving herself to be the toughest Vixen in Fusion.

Fury defended her Title at Home Coming, defeating Jade Divine. After her match with Jade Divine Fury was kidnapped by FEAR, Bill Maverick held Fury hostage for a few weeks as he prepared to sacrifice her to his demon master, only to be foiled by Lovely Lewis, Grid and Cassie Maverick saving her at the last moment.

Since she returned thanks to a one on trio handicap match Furys next challenger to her title is the Queen of Botchvile Kitty Quinn-Belle at Absolution.

Dreams were Slain at Absolution, but not for long as the Queen of Botchvile demanded a another shot she had no right to at Purgatory. After deafting Jade divine Kitty gets another go in Hell in a Cell.

Kitty might have walked out the new champion from the cell, despite that lost Fury won't be down for long, She will be vixens champion again someday, but first she is going to leave a trail of broken Vixens behind her as she works her way back to the tope. Kitty might have the title but that doesn't mean she's the best.

In NCW Fury was more of a high flyer performing amazing top rope moves and springboards. At the end of her time in NCW Fury suffered a potentially career ending injury. She took some time out to recover from the injury and was told that if she wanted to continue to wrestle she would have to change her fighting style. So Fury changed from a high flyer to a brawler/powerhouse, training under Bill Goldberg improve her strikes, learn some power moves like the Jackhammer and the Spear. Fury also took some time to learn some kicks from Shinsuke Nakamura.

In CMV Fury uses a lot of powerbombs and suplexes showing surprising strength for a Vixen, She also has some sound technical and mat work, because of the injury she suffered from NCW its rare for her to do diving attacks, but sometimes she surprises with the occasional black flip

FINISHERS: Slaying the Dreamer (Pop up power bomb)
                    Symphony of Destruction (Jack Hammer)

SIGNATURES: Witness (Stone cold stunner)
                         Famous Last Words (Spear)

                 Military Press Slam
                 Samoan Drop
                 Rocker Dropper
                 Curb Stomp
                 Running Senton
                 Knuckle Sandwich
   Omega Driver
   -Various Powerbombs:
-Schoolboy Powerbomb
-Lift up Powerbomb
-Buckle bomb
-Sunset Flip Powerbomb
                 -Various Suplexs:
-German Suplex
-Back & German suplex combo
-Back suplex and kip up
-Straight jacket german suplex
-Half nelson choke suplex
-Electric chair german suplex
-Deadlift german suplex
-Rebound suplex
-Avalanche german suplex
-Back Superplex

Last edited by Fury/Lady Lisa on Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:21 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : updated)

My CAW's:
Fury-2x CMV Vixens Champion 1x CMV Womens IC Champion
Grid & Animal- The Blood Brothers- 1xTornado Tag Champions

Gavin 'Extreme' Wheeler- The Wanderers -1XTag Team Champion with THE BISH
Jenny Wheeler

Takeshi Matsumoto- New Orient Express -1xTag Team Champion with Mr Showtime
Mr. Black
Lady Maria Del La Cruz

The Alpha Female FURY
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