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CAW BIO: Nelson Jr.

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CAW BIO: Nelson Jr.

Post by Maurie on Sun May 08, 2016 8:15 am


Real Name: Randy Nelson Jr
Ring Name: Nelson Jr
Height: 6'5
From: Toronto, Canada
Age: 31
Personality/Gimmick: Overly-Confident guy who only sees his skill and never sees his own flaw.

Ring Info

Fighting Style: Mainly Technical with some Airel additions to his moveset.
Status: Heel
Allies: N/A
Enemies: Minute Men, Shanaz
Trainer: Chris Jericho
Signatures: Single Arm Backbreaker
Finisher: Double Arm Gutbuster(Chaos Theory)



Nelson was a fan of all sports so he set out to be the best at each. He started doing wrestling after having success in other careers. His capability in mostly all professions makes him feel superior. His dad was the one to push him to be this cocky. They'd always have tough competition and that's why he labled himself Better Than Sr.


Vs Minute Men
Nelson set out to tell everyone on how great he was and how much he could do in the ring. After hearing enough of it, The Minute Men would interupt him. He'd face some members in multiple matches.

Udpate: Sunday May 8, 2016

Luther Thunder: 1x European Champion
Rashad Rockwell:1x Tag Team Champion with Kidd Campbell
Eligah Stewart: 1x Tag Champion with DJ Moore
Jimmaurie Williams:  2x CMV International Champion. Debut Episode 109.
Parker: 1x European Champion
Anthony Brown: 1x Television Champion

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Main Event Star!

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