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CAW BIO: Gavin Extreme

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CAW BIO: Gavin Extreme

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:46 pm

Real name: Gavin Wheeler
Ring name: Gavin Extreme
Other nicknames: Gav, Gavy, the Honey Badger, Idiot.
D.O.B: 21/7/1989
Height: 6’6’’
Status: Face
Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
Accolades: N/A
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Signatures: Honey Badger don’t care (Combination 5), Extreme Bomb (Dominator)
Finishers: Rider of the Storm (The Last Ride 2), Gavin-plex (Suplex City 1)
Theme: Do what I do- William Davies
Intention: Due to his goof-ball of a personality no one takes Gavin seriously, so he thought that by signing a contract for NXT and wrestling with the so called best the promotion offers people would see him more than just a goof that always seems to screw things up.

My CAW's:
Fury-2x CMV Vixens Champion 1x CMV Womens IC Champion
Grid & Animal- The Blood Brothers- 1xTornado Tag Champions

Gavin 'Extreme' Wheeler- The Wanderers -1XTag Team Champion with THE BISH
Jenny Wheeler

Takeshi Matsumoto- New Orient Express -1xTag Team Champion with Mr Showtime
Mr. Black
Lady Maria Del La Cruz

The Alpha Female FURY
Midcard Playboy
Midcard Playboy

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